1st September 2021

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Noseweek online advertising
Like to advertise on our site ? Noseweek offers a variety of flexible options !
Our on-line advertising is powered by an open adsup to date, efficient ads server called OpenAds, which comes with weekly reports showing views, click throughs and all of the usual statistics. You an even opt to maintain your own campaigns and adverts and view your statistics daily by logging on to our ads server.

All we need from you is your artwork, where you want to advertise and for how long - and of course, payment.

A bit about Openads : Openads, formerly called phpadsnew, is the most popular adserver solution when measured by number of publishers using it. They have 25,000 publishers using the sofware on 100,000 sites in 140 different countries and in 20 languages. About thirty ad networks have been built on top of it, including John Battelle’s FM Publishing.

Right Column

These ads appear on the right hand side of every page. Therefore every page on Noseweek will have this column attached to it. A variety of options are available in this category.

Name Size Price per month Price per year
Skyscraper 120x600 R1100.00 R12100.00
Medium 120x240 R500.00 R5500.00
Small 120x120 R300.00 R3300.00

As this column is attached to every page on Noseweek, these adverts are the most frequently viewed. This means that your ad could be displayed up to 60 000 times per month.

Banner Ads

These ads appear at the top of every article viewed. Therefore every article on Noseweek will display this banner.

Name Size Price per month Price per year
Banner 468x60 R1500.00 R16500.00

This ad could be displayed up to 45 000 times per month.

Front page ads

These ads appear on the right of the Noseweek home page. Two sizes are available and text can be added.

Name Size Price per month Price per year
Medium 138x205 R750.00 R8250.00
Large 138x410 R1000.00 R11000.00

This ad could be displayed up to 45 000 times per month.

Contact details
For more details please feel free to contact us using the form below, or, use the supplied contact information to drop us a line or send us some mail.
Your name:
Telephone number:
I am interested in:
Adrienne de Jongh any weekday , 9am to 1pm
Telephone: +27 21 686 0570
Fax: +27 21 686 0573
e-mail to patrick@noseweek.co.za

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