Dear Editor

School for scandal

Thank you for the wonderful article “A school divided” (nose65). We were amazed at the accuracy of the article.
We were actively involved in the incident as our son was one of the boys who was a victim of the leadership injustice of the “saints”. It is truly refreshing that the situation is now out in the open and hopefully this can lead to healing for all.
We hope that honesty, integrity and transparency will be used to handle matters such as this in the future. Thank you for being the catalyst in this situation.
Vanessa Magni

Drunk on human rights

I am a relieved and happy supporter of our wonderful new constitution and the protection it offers the people of this country. However, after reading your article (March 2005) describing the expulsion of several drunk boys, I begin to wonder how far the term “Human Rights” extends.
I know I am old, 57 to be precise, and I went to a government, but pretty prestigious girls’ school, Pretoria Girls High, where discipline and strict lines of behaviour were instilled in us from day one. And like all kids, we broke the rules and had to face the music – ON OUR OWN without a parent to support us, let alone legal representation.
At what age do we, today, expect our children to take responsibility for their actions?
Has noseweek perhaps investigated the behaviour of the boys concerned, prior to the Valentine’s day debacle? It is just possible that in these boys' cases, that this decision was made after years of disciplinary problems.
Lastly, would I have wanted my children at a school where drunkenness is tolerated in any form? I think not.
Kwa-Zulu Natal

Rules must be obeyed

I refer to your article “A school divided” and find it to be biased and unfair. It is so one-sided that it is probably also inaccurate. Why was the headmaster not consulted about all that happened?
No school can succeed in educating young people if the important and essential rules are not adhered to.
Umtentweni, KZN

See “Sloshed at St Stiths” in Notes & Updates.

Unkindest cut

I’ve been an ardent noseweek fan for years, but never dreamed I’d be featured in it! (“Surgeon and Safari gets all cut up in Bryanston”, nose65).
It’s a pity Lorraine wouldn’t speak to you. She may be a master of positive PR but obviously hasn’t cracked the art of crisis management when it comes to a barrage of calls from the likes of noseweek.
Gerald Mahoney’s selective use of the facts is about as fanciful as his mythical 22-carat gold toothbrush.
To my knowledge, was fully aware of the fact that she’d be using his place from time to time.
Curiously he fails to mention the fact that he’s actually Lorraine’s uncle.
While he sets himself up as a knight in shining armour, the damsel Mahoney set out to rescue wasn’t in that much distress; her divorce settlement from me was negotiated on her behalf by none other than celebrity divorce predator Billy Gundlfinger. Her so-called “dilapidated house” was a gift from me, bought on an open cheque book – the Bryanston home of her choice. Every possible expense of our children including their attendance at one of the best private schools in the country – was and is still for my account.
But what cuts me up most about the article is being described as “conveniently bankrupt” at the time of our divorce. I’ve never been bankrupt – conveniently or otherwise. On the contrary, to Billy Gundelfinger’s delight I was doing inconveniently (for myself) well at the time.
For the sake of accuracy – not to mention my reputation around town – I’d truly appreciate it if you could somehow assist in putting the record straight on the bankruptcy issue.
All the above aside, keep up the good work. The ethics of South African government and business would be a great deal worse off without you.
Rick Melvill

You are a gentleman. We slipped up. Sorry. – Ed.

De Lille delusions

Pierre Burger (Letters, nose65) is right! You guys wrote a slavering editorial endorsement of Patricia De Lille for the elections and since then have singularly failed to investigate her shenanigans with crime bosses and visits to shebeens on election eve, not to mention the chaos which has now infected her party internally.
Not content to leave the matter there, in nose65 you brown nose Mbeki! Not a word about Zimbabwe; the plot allegations he levelled against Ramaphosa et al; his controversial views on Aids; the grotesque culture of deference he demands in parliament, etc. What is it with you people? Has noseweek accepted a subsidy from the government?
By the way, you say that “Tony Leon, despite two election defeats, is now serving his third term as leader of the DA”. Actually it’s his second term.
Readers must decide whether the growth of the DP/DA under Leon, from a party of 338,000 voters to one representing 1,931,000 voters (According to the IEC website) and increasing its parliamentary representation from 7 to 50 MPs is a defeat.
In contrast voter support for the ANC has declined.
Richard White

Voet-in-die-bek Patricia

Bravo, Pierre Burger (nose65) for reminding ailing, and fading, memories of the revolutionary and reactionary exploits of one comrade voet-in-die-bek Patricia.
By now, numerous once-starry-eyed supporters of this unique, dynamic, no-nonsense, long-awaited icon who was to lead this country back to sanity, must be addicted to drink (or something worse), or emotionally shattered.
Indeed, not only supporters but representatives too!
In every provincial parliament where it is represented, the ID has supported ANC policies by voting for every budget.
In the National Assembly, ID representatives supported the ANC health policy as presented by the illustrious Tshabalala Nsimang [sic].
Paticia, I must confess, was not present! Most probably conniving an alibi for certain monies received, besides endeavouring to procure a case against poor Lennit.
And lo, at the Kwa Zulu Natal congress, held recently, she boldly announced that the ID’s fight is not against the ANC!
Damn it, that’s what opposition politics is all about..!
De Beelders
Vasco, Western Cape

Could the two previous letters be part of a secret letter-writing campaign? See page 21.

Don’t back off

Just as has happened to many ANC critics, you seem to have backed off. I used to line you up with Pieter Dirk Uys as being one of those who told the un-PC truth, but I feel that I can no longer turn to your magazine for the news that is unreported in the ANC controlled media.
Whites, coloured and Indians come in for your investigations, but not blacks! Why? Are you running scared? There is very serious corruption, racism, and maladministration in our governing bodies, that even the Mail & Guardian is not reporting. The Competitions Commission, for one, is a joke!
I am not interested in South African snobs who are taken in by European aristocracy – they have received their just deserts. You are fiddling while Rome is burning.

Somebody must have stolen your letter-head and is trying to make a mockery of you. Regular readers will know that we investigate anybody and everybody. And for the record, our fiddling is our private business. – Ed

Snap: free fags

I had a good chuckle at the tale of the cigarette parties (nose64), where the good manufacturers huff in righteous indignation at any accusation of handing their wares out pro bono. Having cracked the nod to a Lucky Strike gig or two myself not too long ago, I know that there is no better source of free nicotine than a party thrown by the pushers themselves.
I couldn’t resist taking a snap at this one recently, a Camel Pyramid dinner held at Naked in Windermere Road, Durban, on March 6. While I’m certain the reps have no intention of actually handing over any leaf, are they really to blame if their drop-dead aficionados maul the centrepieces?
Blake Pickering

This month's winner of the limerick competition . . .

When his cell calls were listed in court
Declaimed Welz: ‘This is worse than a tort!
I’d seek a solution
In our Constitution
If my readers would pay – I’m caight short.’

Mark Orkin

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