Dear Editor

The Luyt, Luyt show

I trust the picture of King Louis on your cover [nose13] is a soupcon of better things to come! You may recall that Exxon (in the older days when it was Esso – Standard Oil, New Jersey) was a major shareholder in Triomf Fertiliser … and that when Triomf was about to go bust on its phosphoric acid plant at Richards Bay, King Louis didn’t want his name tainted, so he hastily resigned as chairman and installed his young daughter in his place. Then there was the disaster of Luyt Breweries and, of course, his involvement in The Citizen and the Information Affair.
It always mystified me how Luyt managed to live so lavishly, while one business after the other appeared to end in disaster. And now he’s Mr Big in offshore deals with Rupert Murdoch. This one you have to unravel!
David Price

Hear hear!

Let me assure you that your exposé [nose13] of the Law Society and its coverups has been met with delight by the bulk of the legal practitioners in the Cape Province. I have been in practice for over 30 years and am glad to at long last have found an ally who has the guts to stand up to the Law Society and its mafia-style behaviour. Keep up the good work.
J Ince

nose13 was an absolute joy to read! Your article on Christo Wiese was astonishing – I wondered why I never like the guy – and the piece on Woolworths really knocks its own responsibility programme.
Further, you should know (if you weren’t in the audience of that August gathering of the Open Society Foundation’s Annual Lecture held on 17 Aug.) that the Speaker of Parliament, Dr Frene Ginwala referred to your article on that important firm of attorneys, Sonnenbergs. She remarked particularly on the professions – like the Law Society – hiding behind their own colleagues, and your uncovering of the facts.
Thanks – noseWEEK is really value for money! I have sent copies o f the relevant articles to my business contracts suggesting that they subscribe so that you are able to keep up the good work. South Africa needs the truth.
Pam Herr
Fish Hoek

Lords of the Rings to run rings around Cape Town?

There is much ado about the 2004 Olympic Games and I would like to add my two cents worth: A book called Lord of the Rings, written by two investigative journalists, Vyv Simson and Andrew Jennings, throws much light on the background and careers of Primo Nebiola and Juan Antonio Samaranch, the two most influential members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). If the reporters are to be believed, then these gentlemen are definitely not amongst those who one would take home to meet the family. As recently as the Stockholm games, Mr Nebiola was accused (by Swedish journalists) of being a Mafia mob member, and a taker of bribes for favours granted. A shouting match ensued on T.V. but the journalist remained steadfast and Mr Nebiola was urged to leave Sweden and stay away. Read this book, and form your own opinion. I am dead against the Games being held in Cape Town, as ratepayers will be left to pick up the pieces, in spite of all the fine words from Christ Ball & Co. I have tried to get our local newspapers to publish what I have stated here, but to no avail. Doubtless there are vested interests to be covered up, in the fine old tradition of doing business in South Africa. My personal opinion is simply that we have no need to import any conmen; God knows we have enough of our own. Will you support me in my efforts to get R.S.A. renamed Crookshaven?
Brian Miller

Our Pat & Clive [Kreiner & Keegan] appear to have made it once again – this time onto Chris Ball’s Olympic Bid Company as deputy chairman and director respectively. May God help us! Any bets Ball and his self-appointed cronies end up as millionaires, and the Western Cape ratepayers with heavy increased rates, a burden few can afford? Why does the Olympic Bid Company refuse to publish the contract signed with our “Sammy” when challenged by the ratepayers? Can you give readers more on this subject?
R C W te Brugge

Shot in the dark

The recent run on the Islamic Bank is cause for concern. I reckon the most likely banks to profit from a “run” on the Islamic Bank (a wholly South African-owned bank) are the Pakistani Banks like Habib AG Zurich and the other Habib Bank! Foreign vultures must be shot! Thank you.
Ismail Ebrahim Jadwat

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