Dear Editor

Am I to understand that Hansie Cronje has been smuggling Winnie Mandela’s friend’s diamonds to Julian Askin, in order for him to finance ABSA’s grovelling for Gauteng’s Provincial account? Or am I suffering from information overload?
Andrew Cross
PS – Where’s the new noseWEEK?

I have been most interested in the “covers off” in your magazine and reports of various bumblings, and have a suggestion: keep at the back of your mind, somewhere, the cover-ups and bumblings going on over the HIV-AIDS pandemic, both here and in other parts of the world. The early link with homosexuals in North America was most unfortunate but inevitable because of their “lifestyle”. Their understandable fear that all HIV cases would be put into isolation eventually led to it becoming politically incorrect to test people for HIV – although it is considered alright to test people for TB, typhoid and other less fatal diseases.
At present the AIDS pandemic is out of control in most parts of the world, including South Africa, and nothing that is being done now will control it. Condoms are useless in unsophisticated communities; their only use is to keep a lot of well-meaning people happy. SA statistics are based on blood tests from pregnant women taken at clinics and extrapolated on to the whole population; so they are not likely to be very accurate.
One gathers that it would be politically incorrect to organise a proper sampling campaign (but not for TB!), Last year the figures indicated that there were just over one million cases in SA, and that the number is doubling every 13 months. But this does not appear to have created the sir that one would have hoped for. After all, at this rate, in four periods of 13 months there will be 16 million cases.
Recently an authority was interviewed on the SABC and he was asked if the propaganda effort had had any effect on the general population so far. He replied that it had not and that it was not likely that much notice would be taken until there were a lot of deaths. There will not be a large number of deaths for another 5 years.
One gets the impression that some authorities are hoping that “medical science” will come up with an answer soon. This is very unlikely. I am looking forward to my next noseWEEK.
Fish Hoek

Howzit, Hernus?

Where is Mr Hernus Kriel? Since the election the public has heard, or read, little of what the premier of the Cape is doing.
Have the media decided that he is not “newsworthy?” If, like Mr F.W. Botha, he is keeping a low profile, why have the media not investigated his reasons for so doing? Or is he not in office?
I feel that, by failing to keep us informed, the press has not acted with the interests of society at heart.
R.S. Hrabar
Camps Bay

Share and share – but not alike

Your publication is much appreciated – it contains the sort of things we need to know but are never informed of in the conventional media. Do I understand you correctly – nose10 notes on the very nouveau riche – that the individuals mentioned are simply awarded shares to this value for nothing, unlike the rest of us who have to buy them?
W M Pitt Fennell (Thoracic surgeon)
East London

Yes - which might explain why the price of NAIL shares dropped from R2 to R1 per share. – Ed.

All in the family

After reading your latest article on the Good Hope Designer Collection I feel the need to communicate with you about my friend, Anthula Markowitz’s, credibility with regard to her fund-raising efforts. I have had the privilege and the pleasure of working with Anthula on two fund-raising events benefiting our local school. In these dealings I have found her to be nothing other than dedicated, sincere and completely professional. The focus fell not on her but on our children. We will always be grateful to her for the endless hours that she managed to give us despite the demands of her personal life and business.
Michele Stern

I suppose we ought to be relieved that Ms Markowitz is at least concerned for her own child’s welfare. But what do you say about her attitude to the poor children dependent on School Feeding – which is what our article was about? – Ed.

Whilst your magazine is doing a good job of exposing the Tollgate & Askin shenanigans, I cannot for the life of me understand why you would attempt to impugn the dignity of Advocate Bertrand Hoberman.
He is a man of impeccable honesty and does not deserve to be attacked in such a scurilous manner. An inquiry by you into his past and present career will bear testimony to his impeccable credentials.
I trust that in the light of the foregoing you will publish the factual truth about Mr Hoberman so as to reflect correctly upon the measure and character of the man.
Michael Keller
Blair Gowrie

We have only published the facts about Mr Hoberman’s unhappy role in the Tollgate case, which you prefer to ignore. – Ed.

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