A little known aspect of Saambou's recent demise was that the bank had, until recently, been systematically overcharging it's clients on their mortgage bonds. So much so that, by now, it could owe them a billion rands or more! Now that FirstRand has taken over, will the balances be corrected, or will FirstRand go along with the official DTI cover-up? (Will any Saambou client who finds a surprise credit on his monthly statement please let us know!)

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : MICHAEL HARRIS of SAXONWOLD on 2010-10-25 10:33:23
Following the carte blanche report last night, is it the time to re-Investigate this Fraud/Overcharging by Saambou ('deceased'/closed down Praise the GOOD Lord)/FRL/FRBL/FNB/our Government? When the banks were all 'unilatreally' changing interest rates they went to Bloemfontein to Appeal High Court Judgements against them. I was there because I had 2,000 Clients who were overcharged, based on High Court Judgements, including one in favour of one of my own companies. Five Judges came to the conclusion that it was OK what the banks did. These Judges' argued that increases had to be 'reasonable'/ fair. Now is the time to use these Judges' argument against FRL/FRBL/ FNB/our Government. It was/is not 'reasonable'/fair to Unlawfully charge interest in advance. Please Investigate further nosewek and inform your readers. Thank you. Best Regards, Michael.


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