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Noseweek Fundraiser

Before we start, a special thank you to the anonymous donor who for the past six years has been making a monthly donation, ref 4 Love of Noseweek. In our darkest moments we are regularly reminded that someone out there cares! In the latest fundraiser he/she donated a distinctive R2,000.22, so you know who you are! – Ed.

Some responses to our appeal

Glad I could help! Your service towards a civil society is much appreciated.

Lawrence Swanson


  • Thank you for your efforts to keep Noseweek alive and for the well investigated articles showing us the other side of the coin.

KJ Lanser


  • Would I ever forget you? Never, no really. I’ve been a subscriber since 1994, and I also have that one thing you mention: the conviction that there is no free society without a free press. And I admire your courage in standing up to the brutes with fat wallets that want to annihilate you with legal fees because, I suspect, the truth is horribly inconvenient for them.

So yes, I will be contributing.

I know it’s hard, but please never give up, we have to maintain a free press.

Nigel Mudge

Vyeboom, Durbanville

  • My resources have been stretched to the limit and I need to get back on my feet again before I’m able to assist anyone. My abject apologies and I do hope you receive the assistance you require.



  • Keep up the Sterling work. (Put them in orange overalls!) Stay safe.


Saxonwold, Johannesburg

  • I am really sorry that I cannot make a cash donation at the moment. I am experiencing cash flow problems myself, due to this COVID stuff-up! In my property business, I have lost 5 tenants over the past 8 months, (their leases expired and they decide to not renew, and work from home.) No new tenants as yet.

Similarly, my Engineering Consultancy business is also suffering, as I cannot travel to Thailand, China, Bangladesh, Philippines, and African countries. These are where most of my Sugar projects take place, and at the moment all projects are on hold, Plus I would have to spend 21 days in quarantine on arrival. (Crazy, but true.)

By the way, have you seen the latest Political Research note by J P Landman which gives the prices of all of the Covid vaccines. S.A. was to pay (has paid?) US$5.25 per shot, for 1.5-million shots from Serum Institute of India, as compared to the EU countries who are paying US$3.00 a shot.

Our Health Dept Deputy DG, Anban Pillay said the SA price was based on our country’s “Upper Middle Income Status”. (What a load of “codswallop”!)

All the best of Luck and Health to you.



  • I am sorry that I could not be one of the five or six figure donations. You and Noseweek deserve it.

Suffice to say, the economic devastation wreaked upon our clients (and concomitantly ourselves), with all of the emotional, social, economic and psychological damage that happened to our team, their families and our clients and their circles, made last year the annus horribilis of my entire life.

Strength to you all and (I say this hoping that it is not in vain) let justice prevail and not the bloody law.

John CA(SA)


  • No I didn’t forget. Due to Covid I’ve been too busy scratching and hustling for work to pay attention to much else.

I’m in the travel sector and have had zero income for just over a year now.

Prior to that, for three decades I took saltwater fly fishermen and women to remote destinations around the world, interspersed with marine research expeditions with various universities where I have assisted with some of the practical aspects of their work. So to get going again, I need vaccination/s like oxygen!

Meanwhile, if by some miracle you exceed your donation target, you know where to send the surplus!

Richard Schumann

Via email

Anyone need a guide for an exotic expedition?

Call Noseweek right away!Ed.

  • I’m a non-practising attorney, operating as a writer-researcher and corporate counselor. We’re as out of pocket as you are, I’m sorry to say. Every expense is cut to the bone right now.

I hope you make it; you deserve to!



  • While I will admit to being amazed and appalled that you still support Facebook and Twitter, herewith my contribution.



I agree the social and political impacts of Facebook and Twitter are of grave concern everywhere (see The Dark Psychology of Social Networks in this issue). When I personally participate, I aim to temper and challenge the harsh attitudes and prejudices generally promoted, and show myself interested in people with different opinions to my own. Which I am sure confuses the profilers!

Thank you for your contribution!Ed.

Rot in the ranks

Having just read Susan Puren’s article about the rot in the SANDF (Nose249), the following three factors became patently clear:

1) The calibre of person being appointed and then being promoted to positions of power in the SANDF is, in the main, substantially below grade. Many of these senior officers are thugs, thieves and criminals who should be wearing orange overalls, not the uniform of a disciplined soldier.

2) It is also quite clear that the rampant fraud and corruption committed by these officers was planned from the outset, judging by the large number of very senior officials involved.

It reminds me of the fraud, corruption and looting scandals which surrounded the “emergency” acquisition by the Government of PPE. Never has so much been stolen by so many in such a short period of time, leading me to believe that certain members of the ruling party orchestrated this grand theft from the start.

3) Judging by the names of the people who were implicated or who colluded in these criminal activities, Major General Sizani was justified in targeting so-called Black-owned companies in his attempt to root out the many corrupt activities that were taking place within Military Intelligence.

Nick McConnell


An open letter to Government Pension Fund members

Re: PIC looks on while Iqbal Survé Inc

burns through State pensioners’ billions

It is not only a matter of the PIC looking on while Iqbal Survé burns through state pensions billions; the PIC is actively involved. It should also be remembered that the PIC is supposed to be only the agent of the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF). The entity merely looking on is the Board of Trustees (BOT) that is actually supposed to be in charge. Unfortunately it’s a matter of the tail wagging the dog. The real question is: “Where was the BOT when all this happened?”.

How uninformed and absent the BOT is, was very clearly demonstrated a year ago at the meeting of SCOF on 19 February, 2020 . Questions asked by Mr Hill-Lewis, Dr George and Mr Wouter Wessels could not be answered by Dr Mokate, chair of the BOT and Mr Abel Sithole, then still CEO of GEPF. They promised to come back with the required information on a number of issues. We are still waiting. Swept under the carpet again?

Perhaps it is time that independent asset managers are appointed on tender and that the monopoly of a government controlled body is broken. Also, that a Board of Trustees not controlled by a political party be put in place.

AP Stemmet



Pure poetry

I have just finished reading your May 2016 Noseweek edition with the article “Google is watching you”. I do enjoy your magazine.

I have since been walking around with this short “poem” in my head and decided to send it to you.

Evolution Conclusion

Eyes shut, arms open wide as humanity

dances to the annihilation of sanity

Ominous, fragile, and invisible

The Cloud invites…

Trust me with your data

Trust me…with your history

Trust me with your future


Trust me to be the single protector

of your civilization’s knowledge.


I demand your privacy

I demand your time


To me,

relinquish your skills and creativity


In return, Oh humanity…

I bestow a most noble gift – The SELFI


Gather around people

put on this headset and experience true reality

Dorothy Yvonne Hughes

By email

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Alan Calder of West Sussex on 2021-05-28 09:50:29
Good luck. But with incompetent legal system in SA I fear for you. My own experience when supporting a European company sue a fraudster successfully (case no 100691/15). They then sought to pursue the fraudster for personal liability. Following an 8 day trial, the judge, Molopa-Sethosa, announced 13 months after trial that she had forgotten about it! She then gave judgement 5 months later but also gave defendants leave to appeal. The appeal failed.
Plaintiff has never received his money but of course lawyers have.
Many years ago an editor told me that there was no mileage in writing about how incompetent the legal system was. Too true.
Keep up good work. I will continue to subscribe and donate.
Alan Calder
PS, The fraudster Mr Austin Evans, is living out a comfortable life in Woodmead despite claiming poverty, argument which plaintiff's lawyers have accepted.
Submitted by : Truth Seeker on 2021-05-14 06:55:13
GEPF used to be run by independent pension fund and asset managers like Alexander Forbes. But it was too big a temptation for those in power and now it is being exploited by the likes of Iqbal and the gang. What are the members going to do for pensions when the time comes to retire?


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