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If you really really really wanna know what is happening in South Africa you must read @Noseweek. No big companies are advertising in the publication, which means they owe nobody nothing. Some of the stories are out of this world, right here in SA!

Loyiso Gola
[Two-time Emmy nominated stand-up comedian, to his 1m+ followers on Twitter.]

Vodacom’s WASP fraud

I complained about this & they suggested that I butt-dialled into subscriptions. How can Vodacom allow these contracts to be entered into with a pocket-click of a button but I have to make five selections before buying data? The cost was R13/day.

Kefilwe, Bonn
On Twitter

I’m happy to record that I noticed this a while ago and left Vodacom.

On Twitter

What I want to know is who in ANC holds a chunk of Vodacom shares that has been protecting the company from prosecution for its deliberate participation in a billion rand fraud for the pasr ten years? If you know, please let Noseweek know!Ed.

Danmar director’s “fraud”

When blatant corruption at the top is not prosecuted, everybody has a license to try their luck.

Kris Steyn
Via Facebook

They probably paid Ms Mandela-Amuah to be chairperson. Pretty sure those guys are the main corrupters. SA has become one big scam after another. Soon there won’t be money for anything. What will they say when SASSA money can’t be paid?

Peter Naude
Cape Town

Fools or phishing fraudsters

I have just received the following sms from Brooks & Luyt Inc., Telephone 011 5439084:
Dear customer, we noticed you were unable to pay your NEDBANK card account as arranged. Reply Yes to make affordable arrangements, alternatively make affordable payments to NEDBANK Acc No. 5898… [number deleted by NW]
This is probably the 4th time I have contacted them to tell them that I am not a client of Nedbank, or for that matter themselves. (I simply ignored the first dozen or so.)
Each time they assure me that my number has been removed from their database, while it obviously hasn’t.
What is worse is that the person/s to whom the sms was supposed to be addressed, is obviously not receiving it.
Perhaps a letter in Noseweek may make them understand how incompetent they actually are?

Clive Varejes

Or maybe it’s a fraudster phishing for your true bank account details? – Ed.

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