Mia Taylor, Facebook troll extraordinaire

Mia Taylor, Facebook troll extraordinaire

The “dark PR” origins of a Facebook troll called “Mia Taylor”

Mia Taylor, no profile, no picture, no friends, appeared on a number of Facebook platforms related to Cape Town’s water crisis at the height of the great drought in 2018. She spoke with the authority of someone with high-level insider knowledge of the City of Cape Town’s water and sanitation department, but was not always truthful.

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Mia Taylor
City of Cape Town
Lesley Green, Prof. UCT
Facebook trolls for CoCT
Cape Town water crisis
Tony Leon
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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Vic on 2020-12-23 22:01:18
Agreed with beachcomber. The only reason the DA stays in power here is that their voters are afraid of the alternatives. Look at the PR disaster re their handling of the baboon issues.
Submitted by : beachcomber on 2020-12-12 14:52:13
We are and have been conscientious ratepayers to the CoCT for decades and their self-serving attitude to the most basic of services and complaints seems to be curated by the likes of the equally self-serving Tony Leon who's company seems to have done very well out of the water crisis.

There also seems to be a cabal of secretive cadres of the DA ilk running the City and the DA has most definitely lost my vote.

Well-paid jobs for life ....


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