Reader Roger King has brought the following intriguing information to Noseweek's attention:

All lotteries were closed down by government order on 26 April as being illegal in terms of lockdown regulations. Supermarkets were not allowed to sell tickets.

But on 28 April, two days later, a draw takes place (must be illegally) and it is announced that the R135-million Powerball win was the biggest since 2015 – and that the winning ticket was purchased by “a lucky person in KwaZulu-Natal".

Who might that extra-lucky person be, we wonder?

Adds Mr King: “I take it the Hawks, the Competition Commission and all the organisations in the 'security cluster’ (there are enough of them) have rushed to investigate the biggest robbery of the week!”

Editor’s comment: In the meantime, maybe the Lottery Board would like to comment? Or is the answer simply: The ANC rules. OK?

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