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Noseweek’s deliveries In the time of Corona

I was so happy to see my copy in the driveway on Saturday morning.

Despite the peculiar time in which we live, someone is trying hard to maintain normality.

Roger Lishman
By email

- I received the print copy last week and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Fully understand the predicament we all find ourselves in – the main drive is to stay sane!

All the best to all the Noseweek staff and contributors.

John Binns
Cape Town

- Some kind woman dropped off my April issue and one addressed to another lady in Breda Park.  I put it in her letter box.

Have just finished reading mine.

Many thanks again.

Charles Taylor
Cape Town

- An excellent mitigating measure (sending subscribers a pdf of the magazine by email in the absence of postal deliveries); in fact I rather like this delivery method… especially since I live in the gamadoelas and usually only receive my posted copy at the end of each month, thanks to the PO shenanigans. You know all about it.

Ingrid Luyt

- What a lovely surprise to receive an internet copy of Noseweek. Thanks for all the trouble you and your staff went to – it is really appreciated!

Merle van Vuuren
Mossel Bay

- Thank you, great service will miss my printed copy but can at least follow all the problems on my computer.

R T Harris
By email

Tannenbaum liquidators’ high fees and low performance

Reading your article about the liquid-ation of the Tannenbaum Estate and the extraordinary fees the lawyers charged sent me to my quotes file which gave me the following from Ogden Nash:
“A lawyer is a learned gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies and keeps it for himself.” – Lord Brougham; “A lawyer helps you get what is coming to him.” – Jean Giraudoux; “Professional men they have no cares; whatever happens they get theirs.” – Ogden Nash.

Jack Ragsdale


Cape Town’s DA council pumping sewage

Re your profile of activist photographer Jean Tresfon whose focus is on the clouds of sewage Cape Town is pumping into the sea:
What is the situation with other coastal metros like Nelson Mandela Bay and Durban? I can’t believe that this is a CT only problem, and national government will have to solve the growing sewage problem all over SA.

Emil Scharf
Cape Town

- A city run by the DA, there’s no difference in political parties. They are all up to the same crap.

Duncan Ferreira
Via Facebook

- That is correct, there are a few of these “submarine pipes” leading into the sea. Approximately 50m deep. Regional governments, through their track record have not been able to manage anything, from new ugly constructions, incomplete freeways, changing the mountain logo, sewage, refuse and recycling to name but a few. They cannot think long term, and they cannot manage themselves; how could they possibly manage a crisis? We should be at the forefront of recycling, renewable energy, provision for all sorts of sub-industries. The council needs to be held liable, and prosecuted in their personal capacity as supporting criminal activity...no excuses and zero tolerance...we have the creative minds and the people to achieve remarkable things, but it needs to come from the top.

Greg Hirst
Cape Town

- The thing is, the privileged from the city bowl all the way around to Llandudno and Hout Bay don’t want a sewage treatment plant in their space.

Abdul-Aleem Somers

The season of Corona

In this extraordinary season of Covid-19, I cannot understand how it is possible for our law enforcement entities to arrest, prosecute and fine transgressors of price gouging, fake news dissemination, disregarding stay-at-home orders etc, yet it is so difficult (impossible?) to arrest all of those responsible for looting our coffers, capturing our state, general corruption and causing us to slump into junk status.
Is there anyone out there who can please help me to understand?

Rob Clarck
By email

See editorial and story on Nkonki in this issue.Ed.

- In a recent essay by Charles Eisenstein, titled “The Coronation” he makes the point that governments cannot continue in the comfortable way they have done up to now.....and we in SA really need to seize the opportunity to make the government understand that they cannot just pay attention to the newsworthy, attention-grabbing stuff. They will need to work differently and their structures will have to be ‘peopled’ by those who truly can serve the people in the most effective way: doctors, nurses, laboratory staff – rather than clerks, admin officers, deputy directors who have no medical qualifications or experience.

It is largely because of our bloated bureaucracy that the rating agencies will continue to downgrade us - it’s huge, it’s ineffective and it’s very expensive.

The Covid 19 pandemic has made clear that all those thousands of staff are not the ones that a health system needs. The Health minister has now asked the REAL health professionals to come out of retirement and please help.  Surely, we cannot continue to pay this huge public sector salary bill when most of their employees are not the people who can actually deliver the professional service required?

Linda Rose
By email

- Dear President Ramaphosa and Minister Kubayi-Ngubane,

We would like to commend you and the government for the swift action in implementing our lock down to combat the spread of Covid-19. It was exactly the right thing to do.

Also the announcement setting out the clear 5-level road map for the gradual relaxation of the lock down, and the various forms of financial support that are being made available.

However, it is with disappointment that we note that the Tourism Relief Fund has been structured to provide relief to only B-BBEE entities and only tourism graded entities. We are not in favour of any criteria that have a racial, gender, age, religious or other bias, such as tourism grading, as we believe that all taxpaying tourism related enterprises should benefit from any form of government relief. The impact of Covid-19 does not discriminate.

By way of comparison, if there was a disaster at sea, we doubt that the directive would be given to only save B-BBEE souls in distress.

The primary objective must be to try and save everybody.

As the Wakkerstroom Tourism Association, our members, with one exception, have agreed to make our voice heard and hopefully encourage you to re-engineer Covid-19 relief funding to be void of any unfair criteria.

Wakkerstroom is a small rural town that has an agricultural and tourism based economy. Many of these enterprises do not qualify for relief funding given the current criteria. A worst-case scenario is that the majority of these enterprises will fail as a result of Covid-19, unemployment will rocket, residents will not even be able to feed themselves, and chaos will prevail.

I am sure that you and your government do not wish this as an outcome?

We strongly urge you to change all relief funding criteria to be fair and inclusive.

We would welcome further discussion about the matter.

Jeff Lawrence
WTA Treasurer

- There is another part to this that no-one seems to have mentioned: When the virus hit Wuhan and they shut the whole of China down, every foreigner in the country, by their 10s of thousands, rushed back to their home countries. Repatriation flights were ten-a-dozen. China’s workforce was decimated by all the 1000s of Australians, Russians, Eastern Europeans, South Africans, Americans, British nationals, and Europeans rushing back to their own countries. Which was okay because all the factories were shut down and closed. So China didn’t have to house and feed and medically look after and financially help them.

But now all the factories in China are open again. And all the jobs and work opportunities in China are back again. But … and how about this … China’s international borders remain closed and no foreigners are being allowed back in. 

So who are all those jobs, that are back now, going to?... Chinese workers! Whose workers now have more jobs than they know what to do with.... China’s workers. What country now has enough jobs for everybody so there is zero unemployment and zero people needing government help for food and money? China!

Thane Smith
By email

You should enjoy our story Larry Klayman - Cinspiracy Litigant in this issue. – Ed.

Viv on the human condition

In Ms Vermaak’s column ‘When Fair Comment is Foul’ (nose245) on the human condition, vitality and ethics, somewhat stark or dire conclusions are drawn, warranting some rebuttal, namely: although we may be long-toothed, long-eared or round-faced as the case may be, we are beautifully human, real and dangerously significant, at least to one another most of the time. We are cosmically heroic actors, falling short sometimes, but it can be said nonetheless.

Samuel Waumsley (MA Clin. Psych.)

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