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Pravin’s qualifications

Your response to Nigel Pott’s letter in (nose244) refers:  while Pravin Gordhan might not have had the qualification to be appointed SARS Commissioner, it is common knowledge that he (with capable management) turned SARS into a world-class organisation.
You cannot say the same of Tom Moyane. He purged SARS of about 60 top people and closed down highly effective units. This led to a huge under-collection of revenue. It is also why we are now paying 15% VAT.
Neil Evans
By email

You have a point, but the major reason for the decline in tax revenue is undoubtedly the general decline in the economy. Ed.

Why does Australia shelter our crooks?

It continues to amaze me that Australia, which was once basically a prison, is now populated by upstanding, law-abiding, and wonderful businessmen. And that they are now forced by the Australian authorities/justice system to allow despicable South Africans like Tannenbaum (nose245), who have fleeced hundreds of people leaving them destitute, to live there, untouchable by South Africa’s law enforcement agencies.
Perhaps they simply yearn for the old days? Perhaps it’s time for the man in the street in Australia to demand explanations from their “justice system”.
Clive Varejes
Gallo Manor

When fair comment is foul

So your columnist Viv thinks when a man tells his wife she’s beautiful he is in all probability lying?  What a load of sexist rubbish perpetuating the ongoing abuse and violence towards women, starting with ideas of ownership and beauty.
Really surprised to see this sort of drivel in Noseweek. And no, it’s not satirical or funny.
Mandy Katz

Viv responds: Had a good conversation online with various statisticians, all members of Mensa, after they had read the column in Noseweek. It is a statistically interesting topic that validates my column. In addition, the word “beautiful” presents a problem: what exactly does it describe? Viv.

If I’m not, scientifically speaking, the most handsome, beautiful, intelligent man/woman that’s just another example of an inconvenient truth. And a reminder that what matters is: I’m the man/woman my snookums loves!

Berea highrise that should not have risen

It is no surprise that eThekwini’s lawyer is accused of hiding from the appeal court evidence of the municipality’s complicity to avoid liability (nose245):
That’s how the eThekwini Municipality rolls. Just more evidence of their less-than-legal operations in Durban.
Nav Chan

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