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Unhealthy choice to steer NHI

Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo, former MEC in charge of scandal-ridden KZN department of health, is now the MP ushering the National Health Insurance Bill through Parliament (nose244).

Typical! The ­­­worse your performance, the higher you climb!

Ashleigh McErlean
Hampshire, UK

- The corrupt vultures are seeing a huge opportunity to further enhance their bank accounts.

What a bloody circus!

Frank Jordaan

- We are doomed with these policies of promoting the inept.

Di Elkonin
Nelson Mandela University

Why is Tshwane’s forensic ‘co-op report’ gathering dust?

So much evidence for so long (nose244) and still no one is prosecuted?

There is zero political will to act, no matter under whose administration Tshwane is.

Casper Badenhorst


Milnerton polution protest

Thanks to Noseweek for helping put the Milnerton Lagoon issue squarely on the political agenda. I see Outa has rushed in after you to share the glory, but we know Noseweek did the spadework.

Bob B

Outa is to be welcomed: all troops are called to rally to arms!

- Soon tourists won’t come here anymore: first the crime wave that’s out of control, now sewer-polluted rivers and beaches... disgusting!

Sandy Haggland
Cape Town

- When there’s a serious outbreak of sickness, maybe then, only then, will something be done.
Maybe that will be too late.

Merle Miles
Cape Town

- And this is the City of Cape Town… where the DA is doing almost nothing to fix this mess.

Roger Smith
Cape Town

- Government must pay for toilets and sanitation, proper infrastructure and education to stop the pollution of our rivers, water, wetlands and nature reserves right away.

We have waited for 30 years and if not fixed immediately, the next plague is on its way.

Tunnel Tourz Matt

Cape Town

Cape Town mayor incommunicado

Prompted by Dr Karen Morris’s open letter to Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato (nose243), I wrote to the mayor on 16 January. I received an automated acknowledgement, undertaking to respond within seven days.

Having received no further communication from the mayor within the seven days, I responded to John Steenhuizen’s promotional letter, attaching a copy of my email sent to the Mayor on 27 January. No luck there either, so today I telephoned the the DA’s parliamentary Media Liaison Officer, who proceeded to lecture me on why I should not expect a response from the DA Leader. I explained that just a response from the Media Liaison department would have been appreciated.

Could you find out whether Dr Morris, has had a response from the mayor yet? 

Lionel Bunyard


Dr Morris confirms she has received no response to the letter she sent to the mayor. Ed.


Is it not an extraordinary coincidence that Julian Assange and Elon Musk, these two “computer brain-boxes” displaying great courage in the grand scheme of things, were born five days apart?! (Assange: 3 July 1971 and Musk: 28 June 1971.)

To show you that I am sold – and an avid reader of Noseweek – I followed up on “Free Assange” (nose243) and “Eureka!” (nose202) and read several books on them.

My little chip-in aphorism: “Unthinking respect for authority, is the death knell of the truth.”

Robert McLaren

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