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Assange could benefit from  US and UK extradition bias

Oh, the conflicts between political correctness, freedom of speech, respect for the law, corruption, power politics and state security; all of which apply to the case of Julian Assange. Most notable, though, is the biased application of extradition agreements when it comes to the UK and the USA.

In the current UK case of Harry Dunn, the British teenager who was killed in a motoring incident by an American woman who (supposedly) had diplomatic immunity which enabled her to flee the UK while the investigation was in process. She has since been charged in the UK with causing death by dangerous driving. Failure to attend to court hearings in the UK should render her subject to extradition, which the USA authorities have already stated they will refuse to do. So, logically, the UK should do the same – refuse to extradite Julian Assange and set him free.

Irving Schnider


- Doesn’t this act of pure insanity put the US and UK on a par with our very own “corrupt” South African media freedom? Hardly.

Gareth Masters

Old Mutual gets it in the eye

Thank you for the detailed report researched by Susan Puren. I’ve been involved in marketing residential properties around Pretoria for more than 40 years and the calculation of feasibility studies for different township developers. Why on earth would a purchaser rely on a valuation undertaken by the Seller?

The new green star-rated Old Mutual head office on Sandown Erf 660 Ptn 5 was a sitting duck, when spotted from the Sandton Eye – the Radisson hotel above the Gautrain Station – in November 2017.

Thereafter, a site inspection, including kicking the bricks, revealed a newly occupied No 1 Mutual Place, 107 Rivonia Road: 12 floors of offices above eight basement parking levels, fully occupied and the lights on.

I lodged my objection (No 968) to the Johannesburg Municipal Valuation for Vacant Land: R82.3 million – and had it revalued to R691m by the municipal valuer, who has backdated the rates to effective date 25.07.2017.

In the January Noseweek (‘Old Mutual is dismayed’, nose243), the insurer questions Noseweek’s journalistic integrity.

Personally, I would like to ask Old Mutual’s PR: where was Old Mutual with its transparent Corporate Governance structures and procedures in correcting this gross undervaluation?

Nothing is more powerful than public scrutiny!
Robert McLaren

Saints Rates Crusader

Rubbishing Pravin Gordhan

I have paid my annual sub, but for the first time in many years (I remember the A4 initial rag) I questioned why.

You have been persistent in rubbishing Pravin Gordhan and Cyril Ramaphosa, riding your high ethical horse. Are you happy to be sharing your slot with our ethical giants the Public Protector and Julius Malema?

Johann van Loggerenberg has also been subjected to your repeated attacks. At least you included Judge Nugent’s comment re Luther Lebelo: “the commission will not be party to dissemination of what is no more than malice.” You of course are happy to share Lebelo’s insights and I regret that I view your attacks on the above people as malicious.

I hope I can continue to enjoy Noseweek free of malice.

Nigel Pott

- The truth can, I know, be inconvenient at times. But in the long run, little lies breed bigger lies, and so on ad infinitum. The world and Limpopo need to know asap that the ANC is rotten to the core. Thabo Mbeki’s appointment of Pravin Gordhan as SARS Commissioner – with no qualification for the post other than his political connections – was no less contentious than Jacob Zuma’s appointment of his pal Tom Moyane to that post. (Okay, as an experienced spook, Pravin was/is maybe smarter and more subtle at deception.) We have given our readers the documented evidence. No malice intended. Ed.

Airport’s latest consultant

They could have sorted out most of Wonderboom Airport’s problems with that R12m consultant’s fee (nose243)!

Brett van Bergen

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