1. Confidential Separation and Settlement agreement between SARS and “Visvanathan” Pillay in deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas’s office in Parliament on 6 May 2015.

2. Correspondence between Ivan Pillay, SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane and both parties’ attorneys.

3. At the 2018 Nugent Commission Judge Frank Nugent concluded – apparently wrongly

– that a memo written by Martin Brassey SC to SARS recommended that disciplinary charges against Iv

an Pillay in connection with the “rogue unit” should be dropped.

- Other documents available to read, free, are:

1. Advocate Martin Brassey SC’s Opinion of 11 November 2014 to SARS re Potential Misconduct within SARS.

2. Memorandum from Advocates Martin Brassey SC, Michael van As and Nadine Fourie, to SARS re Disciplinary Action against Deputy Commissioner Ivan Pillay, 29 April 2015.

3. Pillay's memo expressing his own doubts about SARS's authority to conduct intelligence work.

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