Dear Editor

Readers will note that, while they eagerly market smut, bookshops controlled by CAN/The Literary Group, which include all branches of Exclusive Books, Bookworm and Pilgrims, still continue to banish noseWEEK from their shelves “for business reasons”. Many reputable, independent bookshops and newsagents do, however, stock us. Call us for the supplier nearest you – and remember this when you are shopping for books. Support independent booksellers and support freedom of speech.

The FNB story

We are an aggrieved creditor of KPL-ETSA in liquidation and commend your bravery in publishing an unabridged version (in your issue no. 3) of the events culminating in the demise of that company. The absence of advertising in your publication, welcome as it is, is always going to make its future precarious and expensive. Our decision to subscribe is made in an attempt to enhance your ability to publish the truth and be damned – a dangerous course and probably, alas, a recipe for trouble. Government, Big Business, the Establishment, call it what you will, do not suffer lightly fools who rush in where angels fear to tread!
We, for our part, have publicly pledged our company to a code of ethics and honesty. We wish you every success for the future.
E D Hinton
Company Secretary
O-Line Support Systems (Pty) Ltd

I am getting long in the tooth, out of touch and losing my scent, therefore on a visit to, of all places, Touws River, I was stimulated and revived when I came across issues 2 & 3 of noseWEEK. These have provided me with a great deal of entertainment, following the activities of some of our major African stars, gyrating amid their concomitant constellations viz.: Zac, FNB, LTA, Stals, Politicos, Basil Hersov & his royals, Kultural Chris and the lovely Lorna. Our orbits have all collided in the past.
Nature study should be encouraged, thus any research into the habits of the denizens of the deep must be a worthy objective.
Herewith an investment for one year’s subscription – with good wishes for increasing success.
Kenneth Birch

Congratulations on a brilliant publication which we really enjoy. At least I know for definite that there is one day each month that I will smile in the new South Africa – the day that I receive my edition of noseWEEK!
F Michael Fudin

Wringing the no-bell for our Fanny

Re: The attack on Frances Kendall in the October issue of noseWEEK concerning the publicity given to her nomination for the Nobel Peace prize.
Let me offer you some facts: When [Norwegian GP] Dr Kai Stensrod decided that he would like to nominate Leon Louw and [wife] Frances Kendall for their work towards a peaceful solution of SA’s problems he contacted Groundswell, an organisation formed in 1986 to promote the ideas in [Louw & Kendall’s book] SA: The Solution. He asked us for details to support the nomination. We were delighted that Louis & Kendall were being nominated and wanted to send out a press release to that effect on the assumption that such publicity would be helpful to our work. One of our co-ordinators, Gail Day, wrote to Stensrod for details of the nomination, and he replied: “We never knew until August who is nominated, but we know that ours is accepted. That means: only the Nobel Committee knows the total list, but the candidates are of course free to publish the fact that they are nominated. Please give my best regards to Frances and Leon – Kai.” Incidentally, Frances is also the author of a fifth book which was commissioned by Groundswell: The Heart of the Nation: Regional and Community Government in the new SA.
When you say noseWEEK is “banned” from bookshops controlled by the CAN/Literary Group, surely you mean the CAN et al choose not to stock it? Presumably they are simply showing their good business sense and good taste in not stocking it.
Gavin Weiman
Chairman, Groundswell
P O Box 92385, Norwood, 2117

Readers may write to the Louws, their publishers, Amagi Books, and their support group, Groundswell, all at the same address. Unlike noseWEEK, their various books on The Solution for SA, the Sex-Y Factor and other important matters are readily available at all branches of CNA and their more upmarket Exclusive Books. But please consult us before you decide to send us one for Christmas.
The Nobel facts about Fanny: for ours, Maureen Barnes wrote to the Nobel Foundation in Oslo, not to some Norwegian country doctor. – Ed.

R1000 for us – A good word for Zac

Thank you for forwarding the issues which I was unable to obtain at the CNA. Although I must congratulate you on having the guts to expose wrongdoing, I have to express my strong disapproval about the article on Dr Zac de Beer. To imply that he was involved in assisting the Pass Laws Act in any way is ludicrous. Add to this the enormous contribution he has made to social change in this country, and I truly feel you owe him an apology.
There can be no doubt that the time is right for a publication like noseWEEK which exposes the many wrongs in this country. The Investors’ Guide has tried on several occasions to do the same. We consequently know how very frustrating this work is due to lack of co-operation. Nobody wants to “get involved in a scandal”. Consequently I enclose my cheque for R1000,00 to assist you with your aims and express the hope that a more accurate balance between good and bad will be forthcoming.
Taco Kuiper
Managing Director
The Investors’ Guide

Thank you! – For R1000 we are prepared to strongly disapprove of that article about Dr Zac and the new headquarters his company built for the Department of Bantu Administration. We agree that it is preposterous merely to imply that he assisted the government’s efforts to carry out the Pass Laws, when it is a straightforward fact that he did so only to boost his company’s profits. – Ed.


Guess who the funders and co-owners are of Hustler, the magazine that has been offending respectable ladies by asking them to expose their fannies? Likewise the major shareholders in TIM Marketing, previously operators of the 087 sex lines? None other than the respectable gentlemen at Syfrets, the trust company now controlled by Nedbank. I thought your readers ought to be told.
Financial Advisor

I have been tasked to monitor you. You failed to use the window of opportunity to move the goalposts or to level the playing field. That’s bad. You are also reported still to be taking medicine (under doctor’s orders, of course) while all the sports stars and criminals have moved up to medication. Address the problem and work through your relationships.
Rudi Benecke

Get A Move On

Mandela, Mandela,
You funny old fella
Why aren’t you coming soon?
We waited for you at half-past six
You haven’t arrived at noon.

- Martin Wright

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