Cyril's secret deal with 'rogue unit' executives

Cyril's secret deal with 'rogue unit' executives

Nugent Commission suppressed affidavit that potentially compromised Ramaphosa.

Cyril Ramaphosa played a key role in a secret political intervention that allowed senior staff members at the South African Revenue Service involved with the infamous “rogue unit” to resign with millions in confidential settlements – and avoid exposure in disciplinary hearings.

Ivan Pillay, deputy commissioner and head of enforcement at SARS, walked away with around R4 million and a fat pension for life. Head of strategic planning and risk, Peter Richer, got R3.77m.

Ramaphosa’s role in the settlements is revealed by Luther Malesela  Lebelo who, in 2015, when the alleged intervention took place was de facto No?2 to SARS’s then-commissioner Tom Moyane. The details of Ramaphosa’s involvement, unreported until now, lie buried in a 135-page supplementary affidavit filed by Lebelo last year with retired Judge Robert Nugent’s Commission of Inquiry into tax administration and governance by the SA Revenue Service.

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Submitted by : Corrie on 2020-02-25 10:38:33
I submitted an affidavit proving how SARS allowed a tax payer to get away with R135m of unpaid taxes. That was also deemed immaterial


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