What is WikiLeaks?

What is WikiLeaks?

Why you should care about its founder Julian Assange’s threatened extradition to the US.

WikiLeaks (WL) is a media organisation founded by Assange that specialises in document authentication and the publication of information involving corruption.

WL has published information pertaining to environmental issues, child trafficking, criminal and state capture. It also leaked video evidence of war crimes: soldiers laughing while shooting civilians (including children) from a helicopter in Iraq.

A US soldier (Chelsea Manning) released this video to WL, for her own moral reasons. Manning is currently jailed in the US with a $1,000-per-day fine, to coerce her to testify against Assange. She refuses to do so.

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Submitted by : Andre Crause on 2019-12-20 10:01:01
'He who allows oppression shares the crime' Deriderius Erasmus.
Submitted by : Disturbed on 2019-12-20 08:50:00
But doesn't this act of pure insanity make the US and UK exactly the same as our very own 'corrupt' South Africa, only on a far wider scale, and using a far more controlled environment? Media Freedom? Hardly.


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