Pillay's pension caper

Pillay's pension caper

Former SARS deputy commissioner Ivan Pillay’s early retirement on full pension and instant re-employment was arguably not criminal, but it did amount to a devious scamming of state funds  and flouted strict rules for state employees.

Nico Coetzee, a senior operational specialist in the Human Resources division of the SA Revenue Service, woke early on 9 October 2009 with something on his mind. At 5.57am he sent an email to recently appointed SARS Commissioner Oupa Magashula expressing his misgivings over deputy commissioner Ivan Pillay’s application for early retirement “to provide for his children’s education”. And on top of that, after his retirement Pillay wanted immediate reappointment to his job.


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12. Extract from Pravin Gordhan's statement to the Hawks re Ivan Pillay's early retirement (paras 15 and 16), 23 August 2016.


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Submitted by : Andre Crause on 2019-11-26 10:13:35
Sounds like the EFF in disguise.
The man in the street must work 8-5 every week day and pay exorbitant taxes so that government Ministers can benefit from schemes such as this. It is a disgrace. Pravin Gordhan and his mates are devious and really do not care about the peoples of SA.


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