Thank you dear friends!

Noseweek wishes to thank all those print subscribers who so generously responded to our recent appeal for contributions to our survival fund. We not only achieved our target, but are hugely encouraged by the many messages of support and goodwill we received, that prove that Noseweek readers are a community of very special people committed to doing the right thing and determined that the truth must be told.  (More about that next month.)

Inspired, once we have gathered our breath, we will direct a similar appeal to our online subscribers in order to achieve longer-term security for this publication.

There is something else many of our readers can do for us: If you are confident your company, business or professional practice is honest and committed to fair dealing, then merely by advertising in Noseweek you will by implication be telling that to your clients and our readers.

It’s the companies with suspect motives or those that fear closer scrutiny who would rather see a publication like ours go bust, rather than advertise in our pages.

So, why not advertise in Noseweek and get value for your money in addition to supporting a good cause? Makes sense all round. Ask Rovos Rail (and book a great ride while you’re at it!). Ask Ken Forrester (and toast us as you raise your glass). Ask our printers, Colourtone Aries. All are efficient, decent businesses proud of what they produce – and successful.

Just a thought. Give us a call! – The Editor

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