Dear Editor

Where’s Harold?

What has become of Harold’s column?

John McNocher

You and many others have asked. Now you know! (See Last Word in this issue.) – Ed.

Legal Practice Council’s real steal

I heartily agree with Anonymous who, in a letter in nose238 noted that the Legal Practice Council [LPC, the new amalgamation between the law societies and the erstwhile Bar councils] – with the collaboration of the banks! – thinks it’s okay to take 5% of the interest earned on attorneys’ clients’ deposits for themselves each month.
I was informed by my bank yesterday that all such deposits I made on behalf of clients had to be converted to this system.
It’s a real steal: there’s absolutely no moral or ethical basis for this. It’s just another form of “capture”.
Attorneys have run themselves through their provinces and the Attorneys Act quite nicely until fairly recently... but like everything in this god-forsaken country, the rot has set in.

Cape Town

Verwoerd was an inconvenience

I find it somewhat surprising that the children/grandchildren of Oupa Hendrik Verwoerd have taken such a negative view of him.
To the masses he was the devil incarnate and to big business he was the best wet dream. Both groups, for different reasons, had the perfect fall guy.
Hendrik Verwoerd was a highly intelligent man and a cunning politician.
He had privately maintained that it was impossible for the minority to rule the majority for any great length of time, but it was his opinion at that time that there was no black South African capable of running the country.
Arrogant maybe, but Africa’s track record speaks for itself.
Time magazine had this to say eleven days before he was assassinated: “South Africa is in the midst of a massive boom.
Attracted by cheap labour, a gold-backed currency and high profits, investors from all over the world have ploughed money into the country, and the new industries that they have started have sent production, consumption – and the demand for labour – soaring. Such are the proportions of prosperity…”
Hendrik and Slim Jannie unfortunately made the same mistake – they stood on the bunions of big business.
David Pratt on 9 April 1960 took a couple of pot shots which wounded Verwoerd and in 1966 Dimitri Tsafendas stabbed Verwoerd in Parliament, killing him. Both were found unfit to stand trial and were committed to an asylum.
Are you telling me that was just a coincidence? Bullshit!
In 1965 Hendrik Verwoerd commissioned an investigation into the strangle-hold of economic power monopolies in South Africa, a report known as the Hoek Report.
Enough said.

Barry Midgley

(Letter edited. Find full text online. – Ed.)

Vermaak unbuckled is no joke

Although Viv Vermaak does end her article with “P.S. Only joking!” it is still necessary to comment on her one claim: “There is no victim involved when I decide not to wear my seat belt.”
There is. The victim will be you – and your insurer. The penalty for defying the laws of the municipality is usually a fine.
The penalty for defying the laws of physics is usually death.

Keith Gottschalk
Claremont, Cape Town

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