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To Helen gone

A lovely thought-provoking interview with Helen Zille (nose237). Many of us are scared of the path South Africa has taken and is continuing to take. So glad to have a magazine not scared of being politically incorrect, by publishing an article which shows her to be a strong leader.

Liza May Collins


Van Loggerenberg’s rant

I prefer to use my real name as I don’t have anything to hide. After all these years as a tax practitioner and accountant I don’t really care if SARS is aware of my views or not.

First of all, Mr Johann van Loggerenberg is portrayed as a brilliant man. Maybe somebody more brilliant needs to show him how to sign even an email. I hope your reference to him (in nose237) as a “gentleman” was purely to confirm that he’s not a female (he’s clearly no gentleman). At one point the Sunday Times had the names of some senior officials plastered over the first page of the newspaper. I had unfortunate dealings with some of these guys. Does his denial now imply that I’m not truthful?
While SARS persists in treating friends differently than the rest of us, I will always question anything they do. Every time a new commissioner gets appointed, a new system gets installed or an old one gets an upgrade, we receive the good news that “Now things will change”. Dream on...

Even my submission to the Nugent Commission was totally ignored. Surely the mere fact that I’m prepared to stand by my statements must mean something to somebody?

Believe me if I inform you, dear readers, that SARS was captured a long time ago. And the results are even more devastating than one may believe.

The fact that the people in power wrote the revenue laws, which includes the tax administration legislation, in such a manner that no normal person can touch them, is cause for even more damage.

Corrie Cloete
by email

Passing through

Re: Mr Bloch leaving our “Shithole of a country” (Letters, nose236). I presume that he was just passing through.

Louis Meneses

A simple solution?

Having just read the article about Cape Town’s desalination problem (nose236) I couldn’t help wonder why an extended intake pipe (say, a kilometre long) could not be used to sort out the problem?

Maybe I have over-simplified the problem but then simple solutions are sometimes the answer, unless of course Cape Town doesn’t feel threatened by water shortages and just wants to get out of the contract.

Roger Chicken

You might just end up right next to the sewage outlet.

Vitality isn’t

I’m not sure if over the years you have written anything about the Vitality programme run by Discovery. If you haven’t, please have a look at Hello Peter and the volume of complaints by members, where nothing ever gets sorted out. Over 250 pages! They are a nightmare to deal with, especially when it is down to “computer error”.

Kathy Vadas
by email

Getting legal-wise

Being legal-wise I assume you might be aware that this year the Legal Practice Council (LPC) started deducting 5% of the interest earned on attorney’s client investments. These investments (mainly conveyancing deposits temporarily held in an interest-bearing bank account) are opened in the name of the client and the interest accrued is for the benefit of the client.

For some reason the LPC, with the assistance of the banks, thinks it’s okay to take 5% of the interest earned on these investments for themselves each month. I cannot for the life of me understand why no one has commented or objected to this.

Why should Joe Public or anyone else who happens to purchase a property and who is contractually required to put down a deposit, give up 5% of the interest earned on their investment to the LPC?

Anonymous (I work in the profession)
Cape Town

I have always understood it is rationalised as a form of insurance premium to cover for clients who can claim reimbursement from the LPC for damages they might suffer as a result of their lawyers’ recklessly negligent or criminal acts. My guess is, it is also a pretty profitable sideline for the LPC itself. Ed.

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