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We get by with a little help from our friends...

Last month we celebrated our 26th anniversary – a milestone we could never have reached without the generous support of our friends and loyal readers. It is to their credit that we could continue doing this serious job for so many years.

Two-and-a-half years have passed since we last ran a fundraising campaign. Your donations then have kept us running all this time, through the election period until today.

But now our kitty is once more exhausted. Help!

I’m often asked: “Are you, too, suffering from a sense of futility? Paralysed into inaction and moaning?” Well, forget that!  It’s times like these that call for effort and action by everyone.

One of the things you can do is once again make a contribution, large or small, to our fundraising appeal. In this day and age, serious independent news gathering – investigative journalism – is never going to be a profit-making business. Right now, which serious news organisations, worldwide, aren’t running around appealing for funding?

So here I am, mournful eyes, hand outstretched.

I trust that scores, perhaps hundreds, of loyal readers will respond – as they did last time – by sending us anything from R100 to R10,000. (Three donors kindly contributed substantially more, bless’em.)

Please do it again – or for the first time if you didn’t contribute then. The need is now.

Noseweek has built up a substantial reputation for exposing abuses of power by both government and business (and their lawyers and accountants) – naming and shaming often being the only effective way to hold them accountable.

As a result, Noseweek has become the go-to publication for their victims. Consequently we are generally way ahead of the media pack in exposing wrongdoing. (Check our online archive!)
We also care about the environment and promote an open debate between all sections of our community.

Currently our attention is focused on the collapse of local government and services. We also hope to be telling our readers a number of things about Steinhoff that other media have missed.

We have long had an online edition, but most of our readers still prefer our print edition for our longer, more reasoned, reports. (Many subscribers choose the online version for quick scanning and searching, and our print edition for more- leisured reading.)

We remain committed and eager to do our bit in saving our country from those determined to ruin and plunder it, by exposing who they are and what they’re up to.

Without your support, this important brand and the public service it has provided will have to close up shop – at a time the country can least afford to lose another truly independent news outlet. I’m relying on you.

Don’t delay. Send us your contributions, large or small, by EFT.
Our bank account details:
Bank: FNB, Vineyard branch (branch code: 204 209)
Account name: Noseweek
Account number: 62023363146
Ref: VivaNose [plus your name]

Or, even quicker: Call Nicci on 021-6860570 with your credit card details to hand and she’ll have your contribution sorted in two minutes.

Should you have a more substantial donation in mind, a special trust has been registered – The Open Media Trust – to fund our bigger, more costly investigations.

The trust has been recognised by the South African Revenue Service as a Public Benefit Organisation, entitling donors to certain tax benefits. If you would prefer to contribute to the trust, please give me a call.

Time is critical, so please do respond right away!

If you have already made a contribution in response to our email drive, thank you!

Martin Welz
Tel: 021-686 0570

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