Is Pravin Gordhan secretly controlling state capture probes?

Is Pravin Gordhan secretly controlling state capture probes?

There’s been a sighting of Yolisa Pikie, former R900,000-a-year overseer of ethics and good governance at the South African Revenue Service. Pikie, whose 13-year career at SARS included a spell as special adviser to then commissioner Pravin Gordhan. His last job there was as special adviser to acting commissioner Ivan Pillay.

Before his departure, Pikie had been facing disciplinary charges for faking his CV – falsely claiming he held a BCom degree from the University of the Western Cape. He had also passed himself off at official meetings as a lawyer. More controversially, he featured in KPMG’s rogue unit report under the heading “Tampering with evidence”.

What was that all about?

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Hendrik Mentz of Suurbraak on 2019-05-27 13:52:54
I assume the author of this anonymous exposé garnered comment from the role-players he or she is accusing of manipulating or being manipulated for nefarious ends. Apropos, this tweet from one such mentioned, Jacques Pauw:

Editor's Note
Jacques Pauw's role, as reported in the Noseweek article above is fully documented in his own email correspondence with Adrian Lackay at SARS at the time – which is contained in the uncontested body of the KPMG report. You might also want to note my response to Pauw's tweet: "Jacques, isn't it time you let Ivan Pillay and Johann van Loggerenberg speak for themselves for a change?" Read the Noseweek story more carefully again. Their presence at Ukhozi Forensics is confirmed.
Submitted by : Kinell on 2019-05-26 16:55:49
What a rotten mess! Thank you Zuma & co. for risking everything for $$ for pals. Trust NO-ONE.

Editor's Note
Yes, the sadness is that very,very few in government and administration have been left untainted. It seems we are left with having to choose between the absolutely crooked and the slightly less crooked.


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