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Bleeps and blasphemy

Why is it that when an article has swearing in it you use ***** instead of the full word, as on page 29 of nose234, but in the article on the very next page there is blasphemy – the writer uses the name of Jesus as a swear word – and you print that in full? I am sure that even some Noseweek readers might find that offensive, as I do.

E Wright
Helderberg Village
Somerset West

Noted. But both are used by columnists, who have licence to offend – or not.


Vodacom frauds on repeat dial

Thanks for the great magazine that you people produce. My husband has for the third time in less than a year, been scammed by Vodacom, who have been charging him for “content services” without his knowledge or consent. Complaints sent to them by email are simply ignored.

When I received an obviously excessive cell phone bill in March 2018 – R431 instead of the normal R280 a month – I went into the Vodacom shop at Shelly Beach, where the attendant checked my phone. As you had previously warned your readers, she informed me my bill had increased because I was subscribed to Pocoyo and Vodafone Live! I don’t even know what these services are. The shop attendant immediately cancelled all services using my cell phone.

Next day I received an sms confirming that these services would be cancelled in 24 hours. No talk of a refund, so I sent an email to vbsadmin@vodacom.co.za informing them I have not subscribed to any services and that they were legally required to obtain my written permission before any charges are added to my account. I asked them to reverse any charges already made. Five days later an automatically generated SMS came advising me that “You have cancelled your premium membership Pocoyo house.”

No refund or further communication was received from Vodacom. Instead, at the end of that month I received a still higher cell phone account – more than double my usual! Again I emailed Vodacom demanding a refund. No reply.

At the end of February I realised that once again I was being scammed. The Vodacom shop at Oribi Plaza in Port Shepstone told me I was now subscribed to something called GameMine. They used my phone to cancel all services.

This time it took two weeks before their usual automated response arrived: “Your request to unsubscribe from all content services has been received. You will receive confirmation of all stopped services soon.”
No such luck. In the meantime a new predator had arrived on my account, cheekily called “BeFit”. I cancelled it and again lodged a complaint with Vodacom.

On March 28 I received this email from vbsadmin@vodacom.co.za: “Your request has been received and attended to. Content has been removed, blocked and credited to the account.” But the bill that arrived the next day was still way above what it should be. Maybe the account will be rectified at the end of this month?

Helen Willmore
Annerley, Durban

Hope springs eternal. Has Vodacom captured the state authorities that should long ago have prosecuted the company and its directors and senior executives, all in the know and sharing in the spoils?Ed.


Juicy morsel from Sharks Board visit

Jonathan Erasmus’s account of his visit to the Jacob Zuma Foundation at the offices it shares with the Sharks Board was hilarious. Well done, Jonathan!

Michael Said


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