Dear Editor

Readers will note that noseWEEK is still banned from bookshops controlled by CNA / The Literary Group, which include all branches of Exclusive Books, Bookworm and Pilgrims. Remember this when you are shopping for books and remember freedom of speech.

As a founder subscriber to nose, I looked forward gleefully to your re-entry into the national sewers. Three issues on – so far OK. The hatchet jobs on the Van der Veldes and Zac De Beer were a little contrived, but, what the hell, that goes with the territory. More venom than wit, but early days.

But wait, something is missing. Not a word about the struggle folk. No frauds, lechers, bullies or rogues in the liberation constituency? Not from where I see it, pal. Can it be that Welz has lost his balls and joined the ranks of the politically correct?

Robin Carlisle, MP
Parliament of the Republic of South Africa
Cape Town

Why, Mr Carlisle, we at
noseWEEK are always correct. Anyway, how nice to find you floating down our sewer. Admittedly the Van der Veldes were a bit of a bad joke, but De Beer is hardly a subject for wit. We note – with regret that you carefully sidestep the problem of his secret life in Pretoria. Terrified into line, like friend Tony, by the fear of losing Anglo’s pocket money?. As for the “liberation constituency” – they have yet to acquire the power and the money sufficient to justify our closer attention. But be happy, each dog will have his day. Meanwhile, why are you in such a hurry for us to move on? Suddenly everyone at this moment in time basically speaking seems to have dropped preacher Clem Sunter’s fishy Chinese proverb about teaching them to fish, in favour of Andy Warhol’s “every man is entitled to his 15 minutes of infamy”. At noseWEEK you’re entitled to a little bitty longer.

Nevertheless, as a special gesture to show we are not altogether unaccommodating, this month’s DP scoundrel – Johannesburg city councillor Clive Gilbert, who for years enjoyed the protection of party bignobs Uncle Zac and Gubby Gibson – is hoping to join the ANC. (See more in this issue) Maybe, like you, he is hoping that way to speed their progress to perfidy. – Ed.

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