Dear Editor

The audacity of Iqbal

Re: the audacity of Iqbal Survé’s PIC exploits (Letters, nose233), has there ever been any investigation into the veracity of Dr Survé’s degree?


He qualified as a GP. While he has long not practised medicine, he obviously continues to find the title useful. Ed.


Scalpels and scruples

“It is unusual to get a local doctor to give an opinion, as they usually close ranks – except when it’s the state,” said McCulloch (nose233). It would appear that Hippocratic and hypocrite are getting the grammaticabobble treatment. Tariffsmanship, doctoring of medical documentation (really), etc and finally expulsion from Aprasa – Wow! What about the stethoscope on the patient’s wallet? I cannot for the Life of me understand why alleged common crooks get away with a slap on the wrist. Trust me I’m a Doctor!

Ja, well no fine.

Barry Midgley


Pamensky moves on to cannabis

I guess once one is living the high life one gets hooked on the high life. Live large, live high seems to be the motto.

Mike Schussler


The people vs Eskom Renewable energy has absolutely nothing to do with Eskom’s financial woes (nose233). The “Scrap expensive renewable energy” meme has been injected into the Twittersphere, Bell-Pottinger style, from which dark hole it emerges like mushrooms, even inside Noseweek.

Rod Gurzynaki
Cape Town


Hanging out with sharks

I look forward to charges being laid against “Colonel”Zungu for impersonating a memeber of the Presidential ‘whatshisname’ unit (nose233). I am sure there are many people who will recognise his voice.


What an interesting call. Well done to Jonathan Erasmus in handling the call so proficiently.

N J de Jager


From whence this confidence?

Your Umjindi corresp ondent Bheki Mashile is confident our general election will take place without violence, unlike in other African countries (nose233). I don’t know how he can say this with such confidence. Violence is an everyday occurrence in South Africa and not seeming to abate. The voters are guilty of the slow genocide of South Africa. The ANC remains a liberation organisation needing an enemy to sustain itself. Its metamorphosis into a “normal” political party is not going to happen.

Katherine Anagnostakis Moolman
Cape Town

It’s time to be honest. Majority rule in a unitary state has simply dragged South Africa and its people to their knees. The majority stands accused and is found guilty for every single vote given to thieves.

Sarel Botha


Liquidation reform long overdue

It is heartening to learn that the Public Protector has ordered company liquidation law reform (nose235). Everyone knows that the liquidation industry is as corrupt as it comes, with unlawful, fraudulent, corrupt collusion and bribes and theft by/between unscrupulous Masters of the High Court, shady liquidators, unscrupulous lawyers, unscrupulous auctioneers and other greedy vultures. The Department of Justice and the CID are fully aware of this truth, but are yet again unwilling to fulfil their Constitutional mandate/duty. This is no secret anymore.

Johan le Roux
White River


Watsons sucked into that vortex South African history in a nutshell. Finished & Klaar! “It is a characteristic of our times that people who were once willing to risk their lives for what they believed to be right have allowed themselves to be sucked into the same vortex of greed and power.”

“Ag fok Marilize”
Cape Town


Do Not Ignore This Letter

I represent Alibek Iss aev. I would like to discuss with you an article titled “Moti behind bars in Munich” (nose228). We want to remove the name “Alibek Issaev” from the publication; we have documents from the state agency which speak of his innocence. At the moment, this article is hindering Alibek’s business and personal life. Can I discuss this with you? PS: Please do not ignore this letter.

Knut Olberg
Somewhere in Russia

Thank you for your note. Where are you based and what are your contact details (telephone numbers and physical office address)? Are you an attorney? In principal we are not prepared to remove Mr Issaev’s name from the story, which was widely published and is a matter of record. We are, however, prepared to include his comment or denial or rebuttal of allegations and statements made in the story. Please also provide us with copies of the state agency documents you refer to, and indicate how they can be authenticated. I look forward to hearing more from you. Ed.

Hello, no, I am not a lawyer, my job is to negotiate without resorting to court assistance (people use lawyers too often where you can just talk), now I am in Russia, if I need my phone, I will give it to you. We insist on removing the name “Issaev” from the publication, with all due respect to your policy, his name is there only because someone accused him groundlessly, with any such thing can happen, now Alibek is overwhelmed by this and is having difficulty.

Knut Olberg
Somewhere in Russia


Dirty ANC MPs back in the fold

At the risk of stating the obvious, it is abundantly clear that the ANC is morally bankrupt. By including dirty ANC politicians back into the fold and crying that no law has found them guilty makes a mockery of both the Zondo and other commissions as well as rendering the law impotent. As is known to all but the brain-dead, if you have the money to burn (money you’ve stolen) it becomes a simple matter of dragging accusations through the courts for possibly a lifetime, as in Jacob Zuma’s case and as Bosasa will no doubt do if they are successful in reversing their board’s decision to liquidate.

Clearly their new lawyers have advised Bosasa (now African Global Systems ) that it will take years and years to obtain any sort of conviction, if ever, from their accusers and that it was a mistake to apply for voluntary liquidation.

What a farce it all is and what a sad day for South Africa when people like Hlaudi Motsoeneng and other dirty politicians sit grinning at the cameras after ripping tens of millions of rands off the taxpayer and are now using that money to launch their own political parties instead of rotting in prison where they belong.

The Zondo Commission is thus far a farce, as the only person to be arrested is whistleblower Angelo Agrizzi who blew the lid off the Bosasa scandal. He should have received a medal for stepping up. Instead he was arrested.

Clearly when the dust has settled and the ANC scrapes in with a reduced majority and the country goes into freefall, with minority parties calling the tune, it will be business as usual for the ANC: seats up for grabs, deals to be cut, tenders to be had, money to be made… Happy Days!

What is also crystal clear is that the ANC is not a government-running organisation but a cabal of bigwigs interested in protecting their own interests. It’s ANC uber alles and the country comes second. The question that must be asked is whether President Cyril Ramaphosa is really running things or is he simply another ANC ja-broer being used as the glue to bind a dysfunctional and morally bankrupt ANC.

Shakespeare was right all those years ago: the law is an ass!

Colin Bosman
Newlands, Cape Town

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