Rogue unit skills for sale

Rogue unit skills for sale

SARS spooks are (discreetly) at large again, with new clients and new masters.

Johann van Loggerenberg, former leader of SARS’s infamous High Risk Investigation Unit (HRIU) and Ivan Pillay, former SARS deputy commissioner and the Revenue Service’s enforcement supremo, have been linked to a shadowy company called Ukhozi Forensics and Consulting Services. And Ukhozi, it is claimed, has been working for a private security firm best known by its acronym BCPS (Basileus Consilium Professional Services), headed by the notorious Warren Goldblatt.

In addition, Anton van ’t Wout, cyber crime expert and former member of Van Loggerenberg’s HRIU, has emerged as a director of a specialist consultancy in cyberforensics and data analytics, named Forensics Consulting. The company also undertakes projects for Goldblatt’s BCPS, as well as for SARS, law firms Werksmans and Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs, banks Absa, Nedbank and Standard, and, inevitably, KPMG. Van ’t Wout, 48, joined SARS and “Skollie” Janse van Rensburg’s embryonic and highly secret National Research Group (NRG) in March 2007. His designation was Specialist (National Enforcement) and he was on grade 7 with annual remuneration of R530,000.

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Submitted by : Mickeyt on 2019-03-30 14:43:00
When you lie down with dogs don't be surprised that you end up with fleas.


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