Klein Constantia and the two exhumed baboons

Klein Constantia and the two exhumed baboons

A primate murder mystery puts one of South Africa’s best-known wine estates on the spot.

Klein Constantia on the slopes of the Constantiaberg in Cape Town, is one of South Africa’s most famously “green” wine estates. A WWF Conservation Champion, it touts its environmentalism widely. A 2015 book titled The Wine Kingdom – Celebrating Conservation in the Cape Winelands claims that it has “extensive soil erosion plans” and aims to build a cellar “that will be powered by solar energy”. It mentions that Klein Constantia “has also experienced serious damage to their crops caused by baboons, but today most of this problem is taken care of by using baboon monitors during harvest”.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : wine drinker on 2019-04-15 12:42:59
It is time to boycott these wine farms and their wines. My friends and I have done so
Submitted by : Suzette Squire-Howe of SIMON'S TOWN on 2019-04-02 10:57:31
People lose sight of how very privileged we are to still have wild animals living on the urban fringe. Someday (soon if things continue as they are),
the baboons will be gone and everyone will wail and say how "something should have been done to protect and preserve the baboons", and take their kids to zoos to see a few miserable captive animals.
Anyone who buys property in an area adjacent to the Table mountain chain must expect and accept that there will be baboons around, and take steps to ensure they are NEVER rewarded by finding food. Proper, specially designed electric fencing does the job in most cases (and hey, if you can't afford that, don't buy property in that area). I certainly find it very hard to believe that the 2 wine estates in question cannot afford to pay for suitable electric fencing.

We live in Simon's Town where there is also a baboon troop and it makes me so mad when I hear the 'bear banger' going off on a regular basis. The baboons visit the naval barracks daily as they KNOW there will be food for the taking. A daily inspection should be carried out and the navy heavily fined for any garbage found lying around or unsecured bins (especially after one of their numerous parties).

Two of the big male 'rogue' baboons wearing tracking collars and 'earrings' often entered our property before we electrified our fence. I spoke to them quietly and calmly when they came into our house, gestured to them to follow me to an open door or window (which they did) and they NEVER made a mess. On one occasion when two of them opened my pantry, they each carefully selected a couple of packages and left the house to eat the contents sitting on the table on our deck (!) No fuss.

Please guys, get your act together and make provisions to deal with the baboons in a more efficient and humane way. (As for the creche, why not put an electric fence around its perimeter, only feed the children indoors, and make sure their bin is both baboon proof and emptied regularly?).
And PLEASE educate everyone on your farm to remain calm and quiet in the presence of baboons, don't make eye contact and for heavens sake don't behave provocatively by screeching, screaming and mindlessly carrying on as I have seen people do at the barracks, in my neighborhood and at Ocean View!


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