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Good reasons for police to reopen Lotz murder investigation

There are many reasons for the police and NPA to reopen the Lotz murder investigation:
1. To fully clear Fred van der Vyver’s name.
2. To bring the murderer to court and to extract justice; he has no right to expect that poor police work should set him free.
3. Police officers and witnesses guilty of perjury should be appropriately dealt with. Inge Lotz deserves the truth regardless of who is hurt in the process.


The book contains a fair amount of conjecture with which one might easily disagree, but there’s no doubt the police and prosecution’s handling of the case was scandalous. Ideally the investigation should be resumed for the sake of justice, but the chances of finding new evidence that will stand up in court so many years after the event, is small. – Ed.

I’ve read a book by Antony Altbeker, Fruit of a poisoned tree, describing much of the botched “evidence” by the State’s “experts” and also quoting verbatim from court records. The book ends with some surprising facts and other very possible suspects who were plainly ignored and “buried” in silence. This horrific crime is crying out for justice to be served.

Anne-Marie de Villiers
Gordon’s Ba

Re-open the case. Justice was not served. Is the name of the guest, “Mr X”, divulged in Elsdon’s book?

Mike Turner

No. Much of what it is suspected he might have done is based on conjecture rather than provable fact so far. And he is but one of a number of possible suspects. – Ed.

I recall two foreign workers (from Mozambique?) being mentioned in the initial reports as having worked in the building on the day of the murder. It seems they simply disappeared without being questioned.

Sybrand Adema
By email

Two tilers replacing broken tiles, and three general construction workers were at the site that day. The tilers, both foreign nationals, had finished their job and left at about 1pm. They gave the police statements in which they stated that they had seen a white woman (presumably Inge) arrive at her apartment shortly before they left. Their fingerprints were taken and none matched any fingerprints found in the apartment. The same happened with the three construction workers. They had left the site only at about 4pm. Two said they had seen Inge arrive in a silver Golf shortly before they left. The third had not. When the judge asked in court if they were going to be called as witnesses, the police said they were unable to trace them as their employer had closed down and they were foreign nationals. In fact all three were locals, one of whom was said by police to have seen Inge arrive at about 4pm. That person, “Alfred”, has since been traced by Elsdon. Alfred recalled having been interviewed by police on that day, but denied having given a statement at all, or having seen Inge arrive. – Ed.


Buying respectability

Regarding the stadium boss who bought vanity awards for image enhancement, thank you for the most interesting and entertaining article. Well done on the thorough research. Your readers welcome diversions of this nature.

Neil de Jager

Re “Dr Hon”, there are dozens of them! I have a friend who bought her honorary doctorate for R5,000 online. She didn’t even have to pitch for the awards ceremony... the certificate was posted to her. It helped her to secure a job in a government department.


One wonders how many purchased “doctorates” are in the higher positions of government, business and even academia in RSA.

Dr (Hon)
Plettenberg Bay


SARS Rogue Unit and tall stories

More hocus-pocus. It does however confirm what I’ve been saying all along – that captured multi-agency tobacco task team members were behind the initial attacks on me and on SARS. Their motive was simple – a dead cat strategy: deflect, accuse. Anything to prevent their sins from being exposed. A one-sided affair, as per usual. No opportunity to put my side to the bogus accusations. Wouldn’t have suited at the time, you see? But truth will out, one way or another, regardless of how long it may take. I don’t attach any value to this so-called IGI report. It’s biased, wrong and flawed. How come nobody asks what were the 34 (some of the original 38, by agreement, were clustered) matters I wished to canvass in my evidence [request denied] and who were the 64 people I advised should be interviewed – and more importantly, why?

Johann van Loggerenberg

While the Inspector General of Intelligence’s refusal to investigate the motives of those testifying against you clearly emerges from her report – and is indicative of bias (as was her all-too-ready acceptance of the bald denials of the spy agency witnesses, one after the other), it is also true that her main brief was to investigate the legitimacy of your unit and its spying activities, not theirs. It might similarly be argued that your requesting to call 64 witnesses was a strategy to “throw sand in the gearbox” and effectively derail the commission from its task. At Noseweek we believe in the sunshine test: publish what was in the IGI’s report so that readers can judge for themselves. Your comment proves the point. Tell us more about those 34 matters and 64 witnesses. – Ed.

Has Iqbal Survé taken over Noseweek with more PIC money? There must be some reason for the fake news splat from Noseweek.

Carole Ann Sherratt
Cape Town

Sadly you appear to function on cheap prejudice peddled on Facebook. The IGI’s report might be wrong, but it is real and needs to be dealt with openly. – Ed.

It has been proven over and over again that the “rogue unit” was a fallacy dreamt up in the corridors of Luthuli House. You could start building credibility by researching and reporting on the ANC and its dubious actions over the last 24 years? Or are you, too, receiving funds from the friends of Zuma and Moyane?

Jeanette Noble
Cape Town

Jeanette Noble, meet Carole Ann Sherratt. You both appear to operate on the assumption that anyone who does not share your views must be on the take, or is it simply your go-to slander? Our credibility has been built up over the past 25 years reporting, in large measure, on the ANC and its dubious actions over all those years. But you wouldn’t know about that. And you are extremely naïve to still believe that SARS had no spy unit. All that remains to be credibly established is whether the unit was per se “rogue”, and/or whether it’s spying was conducted by lawful methods against targets that fell within SARS’s lawful brief. As Johann van Loggerenberg says, sooner or later the truth will out. – Ed.


Where have great whites gone?

The shark fishery folk need to prove it’s not them [responsible for disappearance of great white sharks] because it so obviously could be. Their shark fishing allocations need to be TAC-based not TAE, which allows for shenanigans aplenty.


I’m sorry that you choose to contribute to the discussion under a pseudonym. Is there something shameful about your view? You might even be frightening off other potential participants in the debate because you are suggesting there is something to fear here. I can’t see it. – Ed.


Xolobeni’s hidden treasure

Pondoland has its very own Cradle of Mankind. Researchers – paleoanthropologists – are due there soon to do more research. Sustainable tourism with a historic angle, will be great for Xolobeni’s future.

Kathryn Costello
Port St Johns


McLaren’s latest revelations

After property rates crusader Rob McLaren’s’s latest property revaluations (nose231) I’m surprised this guy has only been tarred and feathered once.

Dave Rigby


Aghast at Survé’s audacity

Top of my wish list is to see megalomaniac and closet-racist Dr Iqbal Survé get his come-uppance. Survé, who claims to champion black empowerment, has simply replaced one form of racism with another. That the PIC could invest R4.5 billion into his Ayo house of cards – paying R43 per share when in reality they are worth closer to 15 cents each – leaves one dumbfounded. The entire PIC/Ayo link is not only a sham but contravenes basic fiduciary regulations. Survé’s pre-Sona dinner party costing millions should leave the ANC red-faced. Who wrote the cheque for it? Is South Africa just one big Bosasa?

Colin Bosman
Newlands, Cape Town


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Submitted by : Mickeyt on 2019-02-23 10:52:05
Re "Dr Hon": has there ever been any investigation into the veracity of Iqbal Surve's degree?

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