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On the nose Welz - a knockout!

Welz wins this round by a knockout. I respect(ed?) Pauw. The rest of them are a bunch of clueless libtard clowns.
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I, too, respect(ed?) Pauw. He just needed reminding that being an embedded journalist has its glorious (and profitable) upside, but then comes the inevitable downside. - Ed.


Con-doctor cleaned out my mother

The Noseweek story about Dr J A van Rooyen (nose231) left me saddened, sick and heartsore. Van Rooyen has been doing this to people for years.
My mother worked for him for 15 years from 1989 until 2005. In that time she lost everything because of him, struggling every month to get him to pay her salary.
She was a young widow with three young children. She lent or gave him money at times and after selling our family home following my father's death to downsize, he convinced her to lend him ALL of the money for a Woolworths lettuce-leaf farm investment. He lost every penny.
Van Rooyen had a weird control over her, she was a depressive and all he ever did was supply her with medication and convince her she was mad.
My mother has managed to rebuild her life, but I fear for all the elderly and vulnerable he will still prey on.
Sarah Davis
Oakham, Rutland,UK

Now see story update in this issue. - Ed.


Same old players in old-age home

In September 2014 (nose179) you ran a story headlined "Lose your mind and you could lose your home..." which focused on my (now) late father and his curator, and litigation around these issues.
I was therefore most interested to discover that your recent story about a rogue doctor (nose231)mentions the same old-age/frail-care establishment that my father was eventually taken to under arranged circumstances, duress and against his wishes: Brenthurst in Plumstead, Cape Town. It mentions the same Dr Dietrich who also was overseeing my father apparently in this home, and echoes all the troubles that I had with matron Lizann Painter.
Coincidentally my father also "fell" or experienced some injury which was kept quiet from me.
What has transpired since the [2014] Noseweek article: a further lot of high court applications.
My father, through my concerted efforts, got to stay just over two more years in his own home before my sisters arranged his "removal" to the Brenthurst establishment referred to in your January issue, where he lived only two more months.
Shelly van Acker
Cape Town


The true cost of Xolobeni mining

The combination of a government committed to extractive development at all costs - at the cost of climate, environment, community wellbeing and human health - with rogue Aussie mining concerns is a lethal mix.
Mountain Man
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Interwaste disposal falls short

Interwaste's planned trash-to-gas plant in Wellington is neither healthy nor sustainable. Even with good technology, incineration (which, in effect, this is) perpetuates the linear concept of extract, produce, use and discard - and is at odds with the zero waste philosophy.
Patrick Dowling


Changing the game

Re Wits student Kamal Ramburuth-Hurt's plan to revolutionise the irrelevant economics curriculum: have professors Chris Malikane and Duma Gqubule written textbooks? If so, there's nothing stopping students from reading and debating them. If not, Kamal and others have a lifetime's work ahead of them.
Mo Haarhoff

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Submitted by : Karel Vlok of MOSSEL BAY on 2019-01-28 19:15:34
How about getting provisional taxpayers to mail their February payments to SARS? I’m told you don’t even need a stamp, nogal.

Editor's Note
An idea! That should slow the cash flow by a few weeks, even months – and give them time to think and perhaps start taking taxpayers more seriously.


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