Shark mystery: Where have all the Cape's Great Whites gone?

Shark mystery: Where have all the Cape's Great Whites gone?

Is the culprit man or beast?

Since 1996, Chris Fallows has taken thousands of tourists and dozens of film crews on his boat into Cape Town’s False Bay to see sharks.

Winter is his peak season, when great white sharks congregate around the bay’s Seal Island to feed on newly weaned Cape fur seals. Sharks here perform many breach kills, when they fly into the air, making for the spectacular pictures in the Air Jaws series – largely hosted by Fallows – that has had billions of views on the Discovery Channel.

“The flying sharks of False Bay are now the most famous sharks in the world,” he says.

It’s become increasingly rare to witness breach kills, particularly in the last two years.


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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Mountainman on 2019-01-26 14:55:01
I agree with Fallows - the shark fishery folk need to prove it's not them because it so obviously could be and the allocation needs to be TAC based not TAE which allows for shenanigans aplenty.

Editor's Note
An interesting view – but why are you contributing to the discussion under a pseudonym? Is there something shameful about your view? Does it pose a real risk to your safety? I find it a seriously unhealthy sign that we can't have a perfectly ordinary, respectable discussion using our own names. You might even be frightening off other potential participants in the discussion because you are suggesting there is something to fear here. I can't see it.


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