A stink about a stink

A stink about a stink

Environmental offender given green light in Western Cape.

The quiet Boland town of Wellington - known for its vistas, wine, heritage and brandy - could soon add a waste-to-energy plant to its tourist attractions.

Operated by known environmental offender Interwaste (see noses178,194 & 209) the plant turns trash into gas for powering turbines that feed the electricity grid. The facility, which falls within the Drakenstein Municipality, obtained the environmental authorisation on 2 November to build a waste-to-energy plant, including a waste incineration facility.

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Submitted by : Patrick Dowling on 2018-12-23 17:11:31
Even with good technology incineration is a bad idea as it perpetuates the linear concept of extract, produce, use, discard (in this case burn) - not healthy and not sustainable and at odds with the zero waste philosophy.


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