Struck-off GP finds new way to exploit elderly

Struck-off GP finds new way to exploit elderly

Doctor guilty of unprofessional conduct has developed a profitable alternative speciality; preying on old women.

A few weeks ago, UK-based businessman Andrew Wood became very concerned when he noticed that a number of strange transactions were taking place from the bank account of his 82-year-old mother Marguerite Harness-Wood in Cape Town. Wood has power of attorney to manage his mother's affairs.

"She doesn't normally spend money on a regular basis, but suddenly there were withdrawals of about R2,000 every day."

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Ovenecky on 2019-01-07 16:22:32
The point is that I feel sorry for lonely old women. If Van Rooyen's way of helping them is the only available option, it is acceptable. If you can afford it. Rich people can do things, should I list them?
Mrs Harness-Wood appears to be completely neglected.
Van Rooyen recognised my own medical problem when the specialist did not. He also borrowed money from me and did not repay the loan. That was many years ago and I did not know what he was doing since then.
Submitted by : Ovenecky on 2019-01-05 19:01:21
He was an excellent doctor (in Plumstead) but with pathological gambling problem. The article shows that he provided good service to Mrs Harness-Wood and if she was rich enough everything would be OK.

Editor's Note
You have missed the point of our story entirely - and failed to note his previous history which saw him struck off as a doctor. Either that, or you see nothing wrong with a charming conman fleecing gullible, lonely old women.


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