Knysna fire: now top man quits

Knysna fire: now top man quits

Just eight days after the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) published its disgracefully long-delayed report into the cause of Knysna’s Great Fire, Kam Chetty submitted his resignation as the town’s municipal manager.

His surprise July 6 resignation, citing personal reasons, came just weeks after the equally unexpected departure of Knysna fire chief Clinton Manuel who, as reported in nose225, has returned to Cape Town to become head of training for the city’s Fire and Rescue Service.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Sedgefielder on 2018-07-29 23:11:43
This is only part of the Knysna story. The underlying cause of our trouble is the role played by political parties in local government. This was one of two very damaging decisions made by politicians led by the ANC at the turn of the century. The other was the adoption of a predominantly proportional election system, which means that our MPs see themselves accountable to the party rather than to the electors. Ask most South Africans and they can't name their MP.
But back to Knysna. In the last few weeks we have seen political factions replace the mayor in a most unseemly tussle and questionable appointments of department directors. In Sedgefield, we have seen years and years of treatment as if we don't exist. Most recently it has been the lack of provision of low cost housing. Thankfully, the community has so far persuaded the victims of this neglect to minimise their rioting, but this cannot be expected to stay so if nothing is done. In recent weeks, Sedgefield has seen a number of visits by Western Cape DA high-ups from Cape Town, but they do nothing about the dysfunctional municipality.


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