Digging deep to save lives

Digging deep to save lives

A charity better known for its work in Middle-Eastern war zones, has recently gone to the rescue of Afrikaner farmers and their workers in the remote, drought-stricken town of Sutherland.

It’s nine o’clock on a wintry Tuesday in June and Billy Joel’s Piano Man is playing loudly as I jump into the Gift of the Givers’ four-by-four driven by Badrealam “Badr” Kazi, the relief organisation’s government and corporate relations manager. I’m joining him on a mission to deliver emergency supplies from Cape Town to drought-stricken Sutherland in the Karoo.

Following us will be two huge trucks loaded with water tanks, food and blankets for the farmers and farm workers of the Northern Cape town – better-known for the deep-space observatory sited in this remote location because of its clear, dark night skies and relative absence of human activity.

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Submitted by : MLH on 2018-08-05 15:31:04
Gift of the Givers deserves as much media attention as is possible in this generally Godforsaken world. I know of no other such organisation which works as efficiently and cohesively to do good.
Submitted by : AFL on 2018-08-01 11:20:22
The best story of the year from Noseweek=
Gives me new hope for this country and the world


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