Nedbank offshore saga continues

Nedbank offshore saga continues

After mauling widow, whinging lawyer seeks to muzzle her.

In a letter addressed to the Royal Court of Jersey on 1 June 2018,  Nedgroup Trust’s Jersey advocate complains that “it is not understood” why Dorothy Brakspear needs the “protection” she purportedly gains by copying the press in on all her submissions to the court.

The banking group and its lawyers would clearly rather Noseweek’s readers did not know about the flood of extremely embarrassing, potentially incriminating details in the case that are being exposed  – about how incompetently and dishonestly they handled their client’s offshore trust’s financial affairs. So threatened are they – see “How Nedbank lied, and lied, and lied” (nose223) – that they want the Jersey court to convict the 84-year-old widow for contempt of court.

A more honorable employee of the Nedbank trustee company in Guernsey gave an early inkling of the bank's shady activities in realtion to the Brakspear offshore trust in a letter written on  5 May 2004. The entire letter – a remarkable prophesy of what was to come – is posted here.

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Submitted by : Cry the beloved country on 2018-09-26 06:23:00
This is better than a soap opera, but can you believe such evil people still mingle and rub shoulders with geniunely honourable people? I mean this guy would be at a top billing event or a shindig with important people and introduce himself as the senior councillor or the director or trustee or advocate or lawyer or whatever, knowing that he is a common thief


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