Dirty tricks to discredit me, says key witness against Zuma

Dirty tricks to discredit me, says key witness against Zuma

Forensic auditor claims that despite KPMG apology there is good evidence that SARS rogue unit did exist.

A senior financial investigator lined up to be a key prosecution witness in the state’s forthcoming corruption trial against former President Jacob Zuma believes there is a political campaign under way to discredit him and get him off the case.

The investigator is forensic auditor Johan van der Walt, the highly-regarded former KPMG partner who led the 30-strong KPMG South Africa team which concluded that an illegal, covert and rogue intelligence unit had operated within the South African Revenue Service.

Last September KPMG International sensationally ordered the withdrawal of the report’s findings and conclusions and in the aftermath, nine of the firm’s senior South African executives, including CEO Trevor Hoole and head of forensics Herman de Beer, were forced to resign.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Lumen on 2018-05-27 17:01:56
Confusion supreme: here is hoping that judge Nugent will clear it
Submitted by : Rogue Accountant on 2018-05-27 09:29:39
The rogue unit had a name: TCEI - Preliminary Investigations and Enquiries. Believe me this is not BS. They had or still have 2 tasks: Investigate any tax related fraud and covering up for anything their senior officials are involved in.


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