Dear Editor

Iqbal Surve’s  Unicorn

Now that the Guptas’ “publishing” empire and their White Monopoly Capital campaign has fallen, Bell Pottinger has collapsed, the SABC has been discredited and the ANC’s black ops have been exposed, the ANC’s last bastion of fake news has to stamp its withering “authority” on us.

Mark M Wade

• Seems the Irishman b(r)ought our Press to its knees, gasping, and this fine dude pulled all the plugs. Fond memories of the role these previously esteemed publications played in “the struggle”.

Noelene Palmer

Cape Town

• When is Iqbal going to return – with commensurate interest – the millions allocated to him from my Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF)? Another deplorable scammer!

Jennifer Ann Christie

Vodacom rip-off

I received my latest Vodacom account yesterday and noticed that I had been charged R118.53 for “1Up Games” on VodafoneLive – something I have never used, nor subscribed to.

I lodged a complaint threatening legal action (do you know how difficult it is to contact Vodacom?) and managed to make some headway.

After telling them that if my problem was not resolved by my receiving a refund for this theft, legal action would be taken, I received first a security shakedown “to verify that you have permission to request information on this account” – ironic, since they had clearly not taken the same precaution before paying out my money to their fellow scammer – they confirmed that all VLive subscriptions on my cell number had been cancelled and my request for a refund had “been logged”.

John Binns
Cape Town

• Disgusting network. Time for me to move. I had to cancel VodafoneLive, ie unsubscribe, by calling them for the 50th time. It cost me R317 last month.

They should be forced to delete VodaLive unless you willingly sign in with a password to accept their content.

The minute you open a news article via Twitter or the Internet, VodaLive kicks in unbeknowingly until you receive an SMS minutes later – ie too late to stop them.

Lynne Earley


• I’ve been trying to cancel for the last three months, the runaround they’ve given me is unbelievable.

Gillian Colette Davis


• After reading the article by Mark Young in nose222 (very many thanks to you Mark), I decided to use the STOP ALL number of 30333. Within seconds, I received the following messages:

 • Your Vodacom request to delete all WASP services has been logged;

• You have been unsubscribed from JAMMITUP with effect 2018-04-02;

• You have been unsubscribed from NGAMES with effect 2018-04-02;

•  You have been unsubscribed from GAMEZZ Content service from 2018-04-02.

All the above came from different numbers.

I have never in my life played a game on my computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone. I have never, ever been sent an SMS confirming my supposed “subscriptions” to these games.

This hasn’t been picked up before because my partner’s accountant pays the phone accounts so I haven’t seen my particular account.

Can you imagine what is going through on eight cell phones that he pays every month? It is criminal.

I intend taking this further with Vodacom, but I fear it will be in vain.  They know you’ll give up eventually when they just don’t bother to answer.  Is any large business in South Africa answerable to anyone at all?  Not a chance. Thank you once again for your brilliant magazine.

Sharon Cox

• Moving all the company’s contracts next month away from Vodacom. Greed can be short-sighted.

Sean Patrick Godfrey

• I had same problem some time ago. Vodacom’s attitude stank: basically said I must sort out with the provider even though Vodacom debited me. I did eventually get a refund, but only after three weeks of fighting. I will never purchase Vodacom ever again.

Clifford Smith

• Would Noseweek consider providing the email address for Mr Macozoma or Vodacom’s ethics committee? I’m sure many readers will be able to disabuse Mr Macozoma of his notion that there is no problem. Clearly management doesn’t believe that bad news should filter upwards.

Donn Edwards
Aldara Park

Excellent idea! All Vodacom customers who have discovered unauthorised charges on their bills for unwanted “content”, should tell Mr Saki Macozoma, chairman of Vodacom’s ethics committee all about it. His email address: saki@safika.co.za  – Ed.

• I think people should take Vodacom to the Small Claims Court if bills are in their name. The nominated directors will get tired of having to fly down to Durban and Cape Town after hours to appear in the Small Claims Court. Their seeming lack of knowledge of this practice rings hollow as they must have some invoices they need to pay to these rogue operators.



• Time for a class action.

Cape Town

Reader William “Dougie” Douglas has obtained legal advice, has laid criminal charges against all concerned, including Vodacom management, and is organising a class action. He can be contacted by email at DougieD@bidvestcarrental.co.za Ed.

• Vodacom are willing participants in the scam and even have their own “Game App” that appeared on my bill for two months at around R156-a-month before I picked it up. I have not requested to be subscribed! The Vodacom outlet I visited said it is common, and wished me good luck at getting it off!

David Scott

• I am somewhat mystified as to why it is only Vodacom that is being lambasted regarding the WASPS and their fraudulent charges. I have the exact same problem with MTN.

Clive Varejes
Gallo Manor

Noseweek has frequently referred to the fact that MTN, too, happily shares in the profits of crime, but we are focusing, for now, on Vodacom as the major miscreant, in the hope of mobilising the police and prosecuting authorities who appear to be too cowardly to take on big business and their big-time lawyers. – Ed.

Trump and the Russians

I am seriously jealous of the author, [Rian Malan]. He has formulated and neatly laid out all my own inchoate thoughts on the subject of this Ugly American of our times.

I have to concede, however grudgingly, that Donald Dump is indeed going to make America great (again).

In an ugly kind of way, he epitomises the American Dream: aside from the inherited money, he comes from nowhere, has no class, is a bully, a creep, a sexual predator, and a liar. Even his names lay out his soul: he is Ronald MacDonald, the cheap, vulgar clown of MacDonalds. His surname is Trump, for Gd’s sake – not Kennedy, or Clinton, or some elegant, WASPY Handle with a Heritage. But I suspect he will be what Isaac Asimov referred to as a Mule in his Foundation and Empire trilogy. History is about to take a sho’t left turn.

Harry Friedland

Sea Point

Start the discussion

What aspect of our lives is improved by an increased population? Housing, medical care and education are all stretched by population growth. Unemployment, in an era where jobless growth is the norm, will rise with the population. Overcrowding, the cousin of overpopulation, causes civil unrest. I appeal to Noseweek to start the discussion, so a socially acceptable solution can be found.

Ian Hurst

Groot Drakenstein

Not so Resilient

I sold my shares in both Fortress A and B after last month’s article. I have also seen my Steinhoff shares drop to almost zero, Tiger Brand dropping substantially – thanks to their “enterprising” disaster – and Famous Brands shedding 30%-plus, thanks to their rubbish incursion into the UK burger market. If one of their subsidiaries’ staff had done something that cost them even a few rands, they would have faced sanction. What do the directors face for fucking up? Maybe a smaller bonus?


You get the point. Ed.

Burials, in black & white

In nose222 your report: “Zuma also supported Nafupa’s claim, saying: ‘Indian must bury an Indian, white must bury a white and African must bury an African’.” Isn’t that racist – especially seeing that it specifically excludes both Indians (I guess he’s a bit sensitive if the Guptas are no longer taking his calls) and whites? Can we add another two years to the other jail sentences he deserves?

David Arundel

Cyril’s recipe

Silent Cyril changed from the Dish of the Day to a Russian and Chips in a greaseproof bag in a day, at least in the eyes of many white business and property owner friends, most of whom were fervent Cyril supporters.

Cyril is now reputed to have said the following about white people: “I know how to deal with them, I will cook them slowly like a frog. Start in cold water. They will fall asleep as it warms, and when it boils they’ll not be able to leap out of the pot!”

Hopefully his erstwhile friends will heed this warning and be wary of Cyril and his kitchen!


Quite something, if true. Quite something else if fake news. Ed.

• Is BBBEE a get-rich scheme for the “partners” between private industry and politically connected tycoons: “What WikiLeaks reveals about Cyril” (nose222)?

Conversely, can being a bank providing huge loans for upgrades to homes put you under curatorship, like VBS Bank proved with its loan to Jacob Zuma of Radical Economic Transformation fame?

And SA still expects foreign investment?

Pam Herr
Sun Valley

Whodunnit? Noseweek!

Noseweek messed up my life. It all started 12 years ago when I decided to buy my first issue. I was hooked and the world was never the same.

People call me a conspiracy theorist but always come back to me years later to ask how the hell did you know this or that was going to happen?

This is the real Early Edition when it comes to real stories.

Thabo Maseko

Just because you see a conspiracy does not mean there isn’t one. But you knew that already. Ed.

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