Dear Editor

Red riddle

In a headline in the contents page of nose221 you refer scarily to the “evil Rissians” who robbed Hillary. Who be they?

Alter Karpes
Fairmount, Johannesburg

Shorthand for Rich and Risky Russians. Clever, hey? Ed.

Not so Resilient

I’ve just read nose221. Seeing I have some Fortress A and B shares [Fortress is part of the Resilient group], I thought I might get rid of them before the shit hits the fan.

Seems I’ve been too busy lately to look carefully at my small portfolio and also put the lower value down to the Steinhoff debacle. However, on closer inspection I see that my B shares have gone down 60% over the past month. I’m going to sell both Fortress A and B shares on principle as these crooks (along with Steinhoff, etc) are making us poorer.

I’d be better off at the casino. At least they offer free drinks.


I would have thought that if it’s all about principle, you should have sold your Fortress shares long ago; Noseweek revealed the fraudulent operations of the directors and their associates years ago – see noses136 & 137. And again in September 2015 (nose191).Ed.

♦ In your nose221 editorial you note how various banks and stockbrokers have for several years successfully resisted subpoenas to reveal their records of transactions involving the Resilient property group to SAPS investigators.

When, if ever, will a bank be successfully subpoenaed to show full details of where the money went?

Do the banks have something to hide?

D R Gohl
Helderkruin, Roodepoort

There is every indication that the banks could have something – a lot – to hide. It is noteworthy that they only ran for cover when the Guptas became a hot issue in the press. Public exposure was the risk they were most concerned about. Prior to that they were happy to collect the fees for making massive cash transfers to funny destinations.Ed.

ANC scumbags

Having just read the latest edition of Noseweek, I’ve come to the conclusion, yet again, that the ANC and its leading members must be the most corrupt, crooked, devious, dishonest, greedy, incompetent and inept politicians God ever put breath into! The world will be a far better place without them.

Nick McConnell
Howick, KZN

Noakes misled?

One thing that gets me about the pro-Noakes hoo-ha is why he was such a strong advocate of carbo-loading in the first place. He blames this all on being misled by his UCT professors, the dietary orthodoxy and the suborning power of the pharmaceutical, carb and sugar industries, and not on his own inadequate research.

My mother brought up our family on a low-carb diet based on her faith in John Yudkin’s wide-selling book The Slimming Business, published by Penguin in 1958. I have her copy to this day, all marked up with her enthusiastic notations. Why didn’t Noakes not take this pioneering scientist’s work on carbs and sugar into account when he first presented himself as an authoritative dietary adviser? This prompts one to ask: if we shouldn’t have believed him then, why should we believe him now? Suggesting that Noakes is a modern-day Galileo is too rich for my stomach. It’s like saying Galileo had a money-making book strongly advocating the Ptolemaic universe published before he had a Damascus road moment and changed his mind.

Knowing well about the Catholic orthodoxy from the beginning, he instead set out to confirm, through his own original scientific observation and reasoning, that Copernicus’s theories were correct.

Jim Phelps
Fish Hoek , Cape Town

♦ Long ago, when Tim Noakes was under the spotlight, someone said “This is a rich person’s diet.” He replied, like the old headless French queen: “Let them eat offal.” Well, the French are the only ones to know what to do with offal.

I did not see in your article the real causes of obesity, which are the fast-foods that poor people consume. A tired mother gets home and hasn’t the energy to cook for a family nagging for MacDonalds. She spends a huge amount on this daily rubbish. Coke is cheaper than milk. Everyone is hungry a lot of the time, and needs more and more. The Peninsula School Feeding scheme  provides the only healthy meal the children who remain in some of the schools, get.

Until these systemic problems are addressed LCHF discussions are not relevant to our people.

Geri Goldblatt
Marina da Gama, Cape Town

♦ I had breakfast with a colleague who railed against Noakes for the “nonsense” he spoke. I said I think Noakes will be proven correct; he’s doing actual scientific research, not anecdotal or “population studies” where people are asked what they eat: “How much alcohol do you drink each day?” – Er…

Did I know of the “China Study”?! Yes, I said, and to my mind it’s unscientific and discredited and was done by people invested in the business of nutrition. It is only regarded as scientific because: 1. That’s the way nutrition science was done then; 2. It had a pre-ordained conclusion that supported the authors and other big businesses.

He didn’t like that. Later I found out he runs a sideline business promoting “whole foods”. Hello-o! (I ate egg and bacon, he ate a mountain of fruit and muesli).

Pete Ess
Montclair, Somerset West

And you were both happier for having the choice. Ed.

Sanral’s Amadiba crisis

Thank you, Noseweek for your coverage of the Amadiba’s struggle against Sanral.

On 23 of February, the Regional Manager of Sanral in Eastern Cape, Mr Mbulelo Peterson, led an information meeting in Lusikisiki about the N2 Wild Coast Toll Road. When finished, he had to listen to complaints about the whole stretch of the N2 project, from Mbizana Business Forum in the north, to Port St John in the east, to Lusikisiki in the south.

Mr Peterson replied that Sanral had come “to apologise”. He said he knows there are “complaints from everywhere in Pondoland”. His apology was confusing. He did not apologise for:

• Sanral’s refusing to negotiate the demands of Njanda and Ngwenyeni villages in Khanyayo;

• what Sanral’s contractor, Mamlambo, is doing in Lusikisiki;

• Sanral’s destroying the reputation of traditional leaders and violating customary law;

• not answering the “N2 Chiefs”, who are getting scared of their communities instead of getting rich;

• Sanral having kept their protest letters secret from the Environmental Monitoring Committee and the media.

Peterson did not know why he was apologising. It was just ukudlulisa ithole kunina [Passing the calf to its mother]. The two letters from the “N2 Chiefs” surfaced in February. Let their protest against Sanral and their fear of the AmaMpondo be known. I quote: “People do not trust Sanral anymore as all promises were not met, yet the awarding of the bridge has been finalised. The chiefs are now being treated as though they sold land to Sanral, as all the commitments the chiefs signed for have not been met.

“As the committee, we have protected the project for long and we are is at the stage where the project will come to a halt until all outstanding matters are dealt with and Sanral comes back to the committee – made up of four chiefs – to find solutions and give feedback on all outstanding issues.”

Our government is talking about giving the land back. But they are taking the land away from us.

Nonhle Mbuthuma
Spokesperson, Amadiba Crisis Committee

Ruffled Russian tweets

After reading Rian Malan’s piece on the US obsession with Russian tweet campaigns (nose221), I found another great article online that your readers might enjoy: (World News Daily: Information Clearing House(“News you won’t find on CNN or Fox News”).

The piece, which unpicks the Russia BS, is called “Mueller’s Comic Book Indictment: How to Prosecute A Great Big Nothingburger”.

Philip Smith

Queensland, Australia

Accept help to cut road carnage

February was yet another month of horrifying carnage on our roads – costing way more lives in a month than Listeriosis caused in a year.

If the opposition parties had campaigned for the introduction of measures to curb our road carnage as other countries have done with great success by way of the internationally acclaimed Vision Zero road safety plan, we could almost do away with the Road Accident Fund levy, which together with its knock-on effects costs South Africans billions of rands each month.

When Sweden and Australia offered our government help to cut our road carnage they were ignored – and hundreds of thousands of road deaths have occurred because our government failed to act. 

When will those responsible be held accountable, along with those responsible for Marikana and Esidimeni?

Richard Benson
Road Safety Action Campaign
Cape Town

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