Death do us part

Death do us part

Armed and organised syndicates are muscling in on Durban’s funeral industry to exclude white and Indian-owned businesses from operating in KZN townships and rural areas.

While a call to “ban” white and Indian undertakers from operating in townships and rural areas around Durban was always dead in the water, it points to a worrying Mafioso trend developing in the East Coast city.

Increasingly, loosely formed organised-crime syndicates acting under the guise of “business forums”, “associations” or “federations” are disrupting industries, sometimes at gunpoint, and demanding their slice of the pie.  These radical groups appear to have the ear of both the eThekwini municipality and the KZN government.

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Delangokubona SA Business Forum
Black First Land First
Radical Economic Transformation
National Funeral Practitioners Association
Muzi Hlengwa
Jacob Zuma
Nkosentsha Shezi
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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Mo Haarhoff of Stellenbosch on 2018-08-09 12:58:01
Many forget that employers have encouraged their employees to take out funeral insurance for years. Some policies were group-based, others individually based for such as domestic workers and gardeners. It's logical that the greater number of policies should be with long-standing firms who had cornered the market through the apartheid era. I'm 67 and well remember a standing joke from my late teens: If asked what AVBOB stood for, people would chime: 'Almal vrek behalwe ons boggers.'
Submitted by : David Arundel of Coventry on 2018-03-30 23:35:14
"Zuma also supported Nafupa’s claim saying: “Indian must bury an Indian, white must bury a white and African must bury an African”."

Isn't that racist especially seeing it specifically excludes both Indians (I guess he's a bit sensitive seeing the Guptas are no longer taking calls from him) and Whites?

Can we add another 2 years to the other jail sentences he justly deserves to get?


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