Hell hath no fury like a sequestrated ex-wife

Hell hath no fury like a sequestrated ex-wife

Divorce of wealthy couple leaves ex-wife almost destitute – but she holds a trump card.

The ex-wife of a prominent Vryheid pig farmer has won an almost five-year battle against liquidators after she was sequestrated and left without a penny to her name.

The formidable team of seasoned liquidators, represented by the insolvency department of Africa’s largest law firm ENS, includes Pietermaritzburg liquidator Pierre Berrangé, ENS liquidation specialist Adam Lombard and Pietermaritzburg auctioneer Peter Maskell – all were outmanoeuvred by divorcee Renata Volker.

From the outset, Renata maintained that the liquidation of the family business that she and ex-husband Thomas Volker once owned was nothing more than a sham put in motion by Thomas and his team of “legal hitmen-for-hire” plus a bit of help from his bankers, First National Bank and First Rand Bank. Their aim, says Renata, was to make sure she got nothing in the divorce settlement – a claim her ex-husband and Berrangé deny.

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Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs
Pierre Berrangé
Thomas Volker
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Submitted by : Mortis on 2018-01-04 08:41:19
And now I see the self same liquidators have been appointed to manage the Honeydew / Dairy Day fiasco. Now the cows are really going to get milked !
Submitted by : Mortis on 2017-12-22 18:12:12
Yip - a few more stories could be written in these pages by the self same liquidators. They're lucky to still be operating. Their day is coming as sure as night follows day.


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