Dear Editor

Thank you so much

I am lactose intolerant and for many years suffered from painful allergic reactions to dairy products – but no longer! Having learned from your exposé (“Bad Milk”, nose212) that cows carry either the A1 or A2 protein, I did some research and discovered Gay’s Guernsey Dairy in Prince Albert that produces A2 milk, yoghurt and prize winning cheeses – which are now delivered to us in Rondebosch every Friday by Doorbell Deli. After decades of abstinence, I am once again able to enjoy dairy products. I recommend that anyone with lactose intolerance make this change for the better.

Carol Henshilwood
Cape Town

Vodacom’s thievery

As luck would have it, like Wiliam Douglas (nose217), I too have discovered that I am being billed by Vodacom at R100 per month, including VAT, for “content” from MobiTeacher – for which I never subscribed. I also feel a simple refund does not appreciate the fact that I had been defrauded to begin with.

I am very keen to get in touch with Mr Douglas to see where he stands with regards to the class action law suit he proposed.

Thanks for your good work. It is a pity other media outlets are so dependent on mobile network operators’ ad revenues that they will not expose this abhorrent practice for what it really is. Whilst I can probably afford a fraudulent R100pm charge, I reel when I think that this may also be happening to impoverished South Africans for whom such a fraudulent collection will probably mean the difference between having and not having bread at home for the second half of the month.

Mauritz Robertson
4C Group, Cape Town

We have forwarded your letter and contact details to Mr Douglas
. – Ed.

• Just sent Vodacom a Stop All to 30050. The sms cost me nothing.  Back came the immediate response: I was not subscribed to any WASPS!  So Noseweek’s advice works. (Oct 2017).
I’m also sending the “Big Pharma is making us sick” article to my doctor, dentist, opthalmologist, etc, advising them to subscribe to Noseweek. I’ve just done my dance with death because of antibiotics that cost me around R700!  Threw most of them out when I realised why I was so ill.

Cape Town

Wayne be praised

Wayne Duvenage’s comment (in the profile “Action Man” by Sue Segar, nose216) that business and the corporate world are reluctant to challenge the State, is 100% correct.

It’s high time that large corporates and their leaders grew a backbone, along with some balls, and challenged the State whenever the latter steps out of line, because as fellow taxpayers in this country, it’s up to all of us, big and small, to pull errant and wayward politicians into line.

Regarding the various charges which OUTA has laid at various Police Stations against certain corrupt individuals mentioned in the above article, can Wayne please give us some feedback on what’s happened with these cases and how far they have progressed?

Wayne, good luck and keep up your good work holding this corrupt and incompetent government to account.

Nick McConnell
The Kendal Group , Howick, KZN

Scrambled eggs

I agree that major media is infected by vested interests, but Noseweek is not always completely objective either. Sometimes reporting on a story soon leaves you with egg on your face – your reporting on the KPMG debacle being a case in point. When that story ends, the real truths will emerge and you will find you were quite wrong in some of your assertions. Right now, you need some sensationalism to sell your rag.

Lance Hurly
Namutoni Gate, Oshikoto, Namibia

We’ve reported on KPMG’s shady dealings for over a decade and they have yet to challenge us. Their handling of the Gupta account is a clear indication that there exists a culture of lawlessness within the organisation. If anything this “rag” has been vindicated. KPMG has been exposed as nothing more than a hired gun that knowingly takes part in criminal activity along with their high rolling customers. The only egg on anyone’s face right now is on theirs (and maybe a little on yours?).Ed.

Research before you write

Your journalism in “JSE investigators assess Bonamour’s offshore frolics”  (nose217 online edition) is terrible. Research before you write. Even when statements are factual the context is so derived it amounts to misrepresentation. Perhaps the author can share the secrets of his investment success (considering his clearly superior understanding of company valuations and concert parties and share swops). Consider how many TMG shares the PIC still owned before swopping into Tiso Blackstar and how many they must have sold thereafter before making statements about its holding.


Jack Lundin replies: I note that you fail to mention that your firm, the “boutique” corporate advisory company One Capital, acted as sole corporate advisor and transaction sponsor to Blackstar SE on its acquisition of the remainder of Times Media’s share capital in February 2015. And as sole corporate advisor to Tiso Investment Holdings and the Tiso Foundation Charitable Trust on their disposal of their 22.9% interest in Kagiso Tiso Holdings to Blackstar Group SE in December 2014. So it’s easy to see where your misplaced loyalty lies.

• Given Andrew Bonamour’s personal history (as quite brilliantly revealed by Noseweek), I am simply amazed that WTF? (whose response first appeared in the nose217 online edition) dares to come to his defence. Jack Lundin deserves a medal for his persistence in revealing the real facts and for bringing the sordid goings-on at Tiso Blackstar to the attention of the public. One wonders what WTF?’s connection is with the evil empire. Is this yet another public relations exercise?

Jimmy Mould
Diep River, Cape Town

Fishy business

Richard Goudvis (nose217): Bloody hell – you’d have to be a halfwit to invest with this bloke. He screams con-artist!

Adrian Stevens
Cape Town

Hobson’s choice

I really like this magazine, especially when I was able to read it at my mate’s, who bought it religiously. Now I have to spend over R20 a month and expend data that I could use to download “adult content”? The quandary of it all!!

Raymond Murray

And here we were thinking Noseweek only publishes adult content! Except, it now transpires, occasionally on its letters pages. – Ed.

Bidvest still to support e-tolls?

I must ask: are Bidvest and other hire car companies going to continue to charge clients e-toll fees? E-toll fees are unconstitutional and therefore illegal, so the companies are charging clients illegal fees. If it weren’t for hire car companies and some other companies and a handful of individuals e-tolls would have been scrapped. It’s only through them that e-tolls survive.

Noel Brady

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