How Lowe can you go?

How Lowe can you go?

The dirty business of the CEO of mining company Resgen includes environmental pillage, theft and paedophilia.

Resource Generation Ltd (Resgen), a company listed both in Australia and on the JSE, is currently seeking to raise funds to develop the controversial Boikarabelo open-cast coal mine in the Waterberg region. The project is to be undertaken by its BEE-compliant local subsidiary, Ledjadja Coal.

Various NGOs have been desperately campaigning to stop coal mining there, as it threatens to permanently poison the water supply to huge swathes of already drought-stricken South Africa. Besides its impact on human settlements and agriculture, it could destroy the Kruger National Park.

No surprise: in keeping with the culture of the Zuma era, Resgen’s single biggest shareholder is the government-controlled Public Inves­t­ment Corporation.

In October the Resgen Board issued a statement announcing that, “given the current state of negotiations with proposed financiers”, it has deemed it in the best interests of the company to extend the employment contract of its CEO,  Rob Lowe, for at least a further 12 months. His contract provides for a large salary and a very good success bonus.

Who is Rob Lowe? Where have we come across his name before?

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Phillip Carlisle on 2018-01-31 11:32:25
It’s been over a decade since I let you know about the passing of Dr Frank Carlisle, my father. A concerned fellow citizen wanting more details about Rob Lowe brought your article, “How Lowe can you go” (nose218), to my attention. It brought back a flood of very sad memories. I tried to bury the whole saga along with my dad. I had no fight left, after seeing what the pursuit for the truth did to my entire family. My parents never got the chance to live out the retirement that they had planned, travelling around South Africa in a camper-van.

When Mercantile Bank tried to have my dad arrested for breaking a gagging order by virtue of an email, it was time to give up. The pen is not always mightier than the sword, and it’s useless without ink.

My mom had to give up medical aid along the line, and she died after receiving inferior cancer care at a municipal hospital, and before she reached 65. She was buried in Mossel Bay, where the two had met and later married in 1963. My dad chose to stay in Mossel Bay and in touch with the good memories, but sadly died from a stroke in another municipal hospital, only nine months later. He was only 66 years old, but withered and battered and unfairly abused.

Without Rob Lowe’s theft and the bank’s resulting position, and without the years of endless litigation in pursuit of the truth, and without the real fear of arrest and harassment, I do believe 100% that my parents would have enjoyed a much longer and happier life together.

I was robbed of my only family and my children, of their grandparents and any legacy or memory.

In cruel irony, on the same morning, not long after receiving the phone call about my dad’s passing, I walked passed Rob Lowe and his partner enjoying R1,000 crayfish on the Camps Bay strip. It took all my restraint not to help that mid-morning brunch in, down, and out the other side in one filthy swoop.

However, from what I read about his sick pornographic past, a crispy crustacean violation might have gone down nicely with a glass of Chardonnay and a sea view.

It was uplifting and heartwarming to read the words “well-respected educationalist”, and I thank you for that. My dad worked 14-hour days all his life, lectured on Saturdays, his brunch was a sandwich behind his typewriter, and during his 20 years at the helm of the Production Management Institute (PMI), a Johannesburg training and education centre, he helped tens of thousands of people achieve emancipation through education. He pioneered progression and portability two decades before SAQA adopted the principals. Adult students with no secondary education could progress through the levels and eventually get a B.Sc Hons. Rob Lowe eroded it all.

This is the end I guess. I don’t hold out much hope for justice and accountability.

In much appreciation, and keep up the good work.
Submitted by : Vic on 2017-11-26 11:28:20
Shows you that despite King 1 to 4 and all other so called ethics policies coming from listed companies, they don't give a shit about the environment and the people they hire. How did Mercantile Bank hire this guy with what must have been a CV full of unexplained periods of unemployment?
Submitted by : Mike Turner of RANDBURG on 2017-11-25 12:25:01
Why is this piece of shit allowed to remain in South Africa??
Submitted by : Clive Varejes of GALLO MANOR on 2017-11-25 10:40:53
I find it unbelievable that Mercantile Bank and other banks and insurance agencies in South Africa can be so despicable that they would go to the lengths of drawing out court cases, specifically where they and/ their staff have blatantly stolen monies, in order to bankrupt their accusers and make the cases disappear.
Is there no way these atrocious acts can be stopped?
Of course I have no doubt that the attorneys acting on their behalf continually ask them to please settle the court case so that they can stop earning the obscene amounts of money they do.
Shame on our despicable banking and legal systems!


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