Bidvest boss to sue Vodacom over fees scam

Bidvest boss to sue Vodacom over fees scam

Fed-up executive plans class action against cellphone provider over fraudulent charges.

A senior Bidvest car hire executive has instructed his lawyers to launch a class action against Vodacom for the tens of millions in unauthorised fees it has been charging ignorant cellphone users on behalf of usually unnamed providers of so-called “content services”.

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Opera Telekom
MT Digital Systems
cellphone fraud
Consumer Protection Act
Till Streichert
Mohamed Joosub
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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Atholl Canterbury on 2017-10-27 03:02:42
William Douglas
{ Perception vs Reality vs Greed }
The {..Perception..} is that You ... William Douglas ... have got absolutely no chance vs the "Mighty" Vodacom ...
The { .. Reality..} is that the Constitution - Bill of Rights - Gives you the Power to Act and Protect your Rights...
...Check S14 - Privacy - having your possessions (money) seized.
...Check S33 - JAA - Must be lawful, reasonable & procedurally fair ( & reasons provided)
...Check S35(3) - To adduce & challenge evidence (of action that led to your rights infringed)
The Infringement of your Rights is ..Only.. driven by the {..Greed..} of those who guess that you don't know ..How.. to enforce and protect your Rights ...
William Douglas ... Protect & Enforce your Rights ... No Person/Institution/Company/.... is Bigger than the Bill of Rights... and ..
... The Bill of Rights ... is not a Game .. It's Reality ..


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