Stung by a WASP

Stung by a WASP

Pain in the pocket from being stung by a WASP.

Eight years ago Noseweek ran a cover story headlined: Warning: your cellphone is a pickpocket (nose118). It revealed that Vodacom and other networks were making a fortune from so-called content providers, or WASPs (Wireless Application Service Providers), to whom networks were happily paying fees from their clients’ phone accounts – often without the client’s knowledge and consent.

It appears nothing has changed since then. The scam has been just too lucrative to lose.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Raymond Esson of gauteng on 2017-11-24 08:44:00
It does not help to accept WASPs answer they have no choice. We must take it further. You are right they hope you go away; just CC ICASA and Competition Commission into all your emails. At the moment Vodacom, as you described, uses Apprentice Valley as its WASP which also just happened to gift them back over R20 mill from the Black Rose Package for only R300,000 payment from Vodacom .
By so doing taking the money from Vouchercloud – and WASPA did nothing. They are still avoiding the issue.
Submitted by : beachcomber on 2017-10-17 17:07:55
I had the same issue years ago and it is a time-consuming and immensely irritating mission to get these leeches off your back!

Editor's Note
See the coming November issue of Noseweek for further developments on the Vodacom "content" fraud front
Submitted by : Ian Ashmole on 2017-09-30 15:21:15
Assuming that the amount is less than R15,000 (and even if more, you can forego the excess), lodge a claim against Vodacom at the small claims court. Actually the media should encourage everyone to do this - it will cost these big companies more to try to defend the claims than to pay, and if enough people do this, they will have to shut down these scams, because it will cost them too much to defend.

Editor's Note
Great idea. Let us know every time you launch such a case!


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