If America's first, who's second?

If America’s first, who’s second?

These days news can be very depressing – especially where politics is concerned. It is widely recognised that for this sad condition laughter is by far the best antidote. Right now, who couldn’t do with a laugh or two?

And with so many creative people out there who have online access readily available, it is hardly surprising that when someone like Donald Trump storms on to the political scene, the laughter machine instantly moves into top gear.

This Dr Seuss cartoon drawn in 1941 commenting on the America First moevement's anti-Jewish immigration stance has been doing the rounds on social media in response to Donald Trump's ban on Muslims.

On the 3 November 2016 a music video America First! Trump Song made its appearance on Facebook. It was created by Prankstanomers and had soon notched up 46,312 views, starting a worldwide frenzy of competing video parodies.

The first response came on 25 January from the satirical Dutch TV show Zondag met Lubach. The video (narrated in a Trump voice complete with intonation) was created tongue-in-cheek to introduce Trump “to the small country of the Netherlands,” and they called it America First, Netherlands Second:

Welcome to this introduction video about the Netherlands.

It’s going to be a great video, it’s going to be absolutely fantastic.

We speak Dutch, it’s the best language in Europe. We’ve got all the best words all the other languages failed. Danish, total disaster. German, it’s not even a real language it’s fake, it’s a fake language.

We built an entire ocean, OK? An entire ocean between us and Mexico – nobody builds oceans better than we do.

And last but not least we’ve got a great, great dependency on the US.

It’s huge.

If you screw Nato, you’re going to make our problems great again. We totally understand it’s going to be America first, but can we just say, The Netherlands second. Is that OK?

Soon it was available on both YouTube and Facebook and had clocked up a total of 48,681 views –  and was at nearly ten million when Noseweek went to press.

This was just the beginning. The next to respond with their own version was Kazakhstan, claiming to be the greatest country in Asia. They start off their video by saying they are not in the EU but why should they care? 

Since Trump is a ready-made caricature, it is no surprise that the America First videos have gone viral. Most are little gems and some give very interesting snippets about their country and its own peculiar humour.

New Zealand was next with their spoof video and Slovenia; Czech Republic; France; Iran and Hogwarts followed the trend. The contribution from our neighbour, Namibia, deserves special mention. Other countries that also responded (and whose videos can be found on YouTube) are – in no particular order  and there’ll probably be more by the time you read this: Slovenia, Romania, Swabia, Finland, Italy, Moldova, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Bavaria, Morocco, Germany, India, Poland, Croatia, Australia, Spain, Austria and Mordor (Tolkien’s Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings).

One website where all the videos can be accessed from a world map is everysecondcounts.eu/index.html

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