Dear Editor

Without help, the person whose heart stops beating, and who, as a result, begins to feel faint, has as little as 10 seconds left before losing consciousness (probably forever!). Such victims can help themselves by:
1) coughing repeatedly and vigorously
2) breathing deeply before each cough
Each cough should be as deep as possible and be repeated frequently at two-second intervals. The coughing should be as if attempting to expel sputum from deep inside the chest. The breathing and coughing should be continued until help arrives, or until the heart is felt to be beating normally. Deep breaths get oxygen into the lungs, and coughing movements squeeze the heart and keep the blood circulating. The squeezing pressure on the heart also helps it regain normal rhythm.
Following the above procedure can allow heart attack victims to get to a phone, or to someone nearby, to get help.
Jim Phelps, Empangeni

Oh dear,
What is the world coming to? First we have the English au pair causing the death of a baby in Boston. Now we have a doggy au pair accused of causing the death of Jani’s Toy Pom in Cape Town (nose25).
The big fuss made in the media about Miss Allan is a phenomenon of the modern age. The scribes are writing about themselves, and not about the rich and famous. With regards having to read about nonentities, no wonder circulation figures keep falling.
John Wadsworth, Durban
Are you suggesting scribes can’t be rich and infamous? – Ed.

Well done on the Mohamed exposé. My boyfriend is a lawyer and he says that it’s people like that who give the legal profession a bad name.
When I had my gossip column in Style, Mr Mohamed tried to sue me on behalf of Dullah Ouma. I discovered that Omar had bought a house in Constantia, and wanted to move there because of the crime in his area. My headline: Paradise is closing down. My angle: I find it sad that our Minister of Justice has to flee his own constituency because of crime. We hope that the people who voted for him will sleep as safely at night. Well, the next thing was a summons: for Style and me, as well as the editor. I was embarrassing our Minister of Justice, etc ad infinitum. From Mr Mohamed. Fucken prick. I hope that he rots in jail!
Herman Lategan, journalist
Green Point

Dear Sir
Thank you for having enough guts to do a story against an attorney. Many attorneys are thieves and the Law Society is absolutely useless.
S Smith, Durban.

Dear Sir
I am very interested in the broader implications of your story / editorial about Nedbank cellphone-snooping on its customers (nose25). I am particularly interested in how, technically, it is done. As you may know, Nedcor has its own cellular service provider, Nedtel. The idea of movement-tracing via cellphone and the privacy implications of this remain controversial. A while back there was a scandal about the Swiss authorities’ use of cellular technology to store details of people’s movements in a massive database. This apparently allowed them to construct detailed movement patterns of all cellphone users in Switzerland. What’s new from the hoarders of Nazi gold?
Any leads your readers can provide will be appreciated. I need the information for a study of the erosion of privacy and anonymity by the planned use of technology in the digital age.
Chris Moore, Pietermaritzburg
e-mail: cards@satweb.co.za
Telephone: (0331) 425262

Dear Sir
I note that noseweek is sniffing around the affairs of WWF (International). It is only when the various coordinators of WWF (Int) projects in Africa and Madagascar, such as myself, exchange experiences that one begins to realise how inept, bureaucratic and ineffective this organisation has become.
The international operation in Gland, Switzerland, funded mainly by EU taxpayers, has become a comfortable warren for bureaucrats under the direction of a lame-duck director-general. They happily spend large amounts of money on PR for a project that has a high profile, then just as happily abandon it and the leader who developed the project in the face of pressure or political intrigue. They then seek other high-profile projects to earn Brownie points. WWF (Int) has dumped projects which were successfully sustaining rare and endangered species and their natural environments. Meanwhile salaries for head office staff in Switzerland are astronomical, added to which are “inconvenience” allowances when they periodically visit the field projects. Do we need this ineffective and money wasting “international” organisation, when most countries have their own effective WWF donor-funded agencies that could quality for international funding through UNESCO or other UN bodies? Like the Olympics scandal, there is need for thorough investigation of WFF (Int)’s nefarious conduct.
Paul Dutton, Environmental Consultant
Ex Coordinator of WWF (Int)
funded project in Mozambique

Dear Mr Weinburg
Thank you for your letter of 23 Oct 1998 regarding my donation to the National Sea Rescue Institute. I have been making donations to the NSRI since the early 1980s. I note that the chairman is Mr D Abromowitz. I refer you to the article on Mr Abromowitz in nose24. I am disgusted that Mr Abromowitz chooses to remain on as [vice] chairman of the NSRI. Reluctantly I wish to inform you that I will be making no further donations until such time as he resigns his position.
M Brain, Constantia

Dear Sir
We are very concerned about the recent appointment of Michael Louis as the Western Cape’s MEC for Development and Planning. Louis is a director of the Louis Corporation and of Seeff Commercial Properties. How can a person linked to one of the biggest property and development agents in the country be given such a portfolio? This is of particular concern in view of the new Western Cape Planning and Development bill. The bill makes no provision for protection of the environment, nor does it require aesthetic or landscape considerations to be taken into account when development plans are approved. How can we expect Louis to oppose the development of Oudekraal and other portions of land on the slopes of Table Mountain when his company stands to make fortunes out of flogging both our heritage and the future of Cape Town as a world-renowned beauty spot?
Cecelia Assad
Save Table Mountain Campaign

Dear Sir
The national executive committee of SAMWU has asked that members of the public send messages of protest to the Ministry for Constitutional Development against the recent signing of the Dolphin Coast water privatisation deal. International messages of protest over the past three years have helped build the SAMWU anti-privatisation campaign and keep the water transnationals at bay. Once again, we need assistance! In December 1998, after months of negotiations, COSATU and SAMWU signed an agreement with the local government employer body, the SA Local Government Association (SALGA), on municipal service partnerships (MSP). It is in line with national legislation that the public sector is the preferred deliverer of services and that involvement of the private sector in service delivery should only be a last resort, i.e., if there is no public sector provider willing or able to provide the service.
The MSP agreement set up a sectoral forum which is supposed to discuss cases that fall outside the provisions of the agreement. It was agreed at the first meeting of the forum held on January 26 1999 that the proposed privatisation of water in Nelspruit to British Biwater, and at Dolphin Coast to French SAUR (which clearly is not taking place as a last resort) would be discussed at separately convened meetings and that no deals would be signed until them. SAMWU was shocked and disappointed, therefore, by recent press reports that indicate that the Minister of Constitutional Development, Valli Moosa, has personally endorsed the deal. Senior officials of his department had been present at the first forum meeting where promises were made not to sign anything. This was followed by press reports quoting the Minister and other DCD officials as saying that the Dolphin Coast and Nelspruit deals were already in the pipeline and claiming that they did not fall under the MSP framework agreement. The NEC is seeking urgent legal advice to see if the agreement can be circumvented in this fashion.
S A Municipal Workers Union

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