The killing cost of insurance cover for doctors

The killing cost of insurance cover for doctors

Claims against the state for bungled medical procedures in state hospitals have reached  the point where legal reforms are needed urgently, say experts. They warn that the runaway cost of obligatory insurance cover for doctors threatens higher-risk clinical specialities in South Africa.

The matter has been the subject of two medico-legal crisis summits – one in March last year, convened by Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, and the other, eight months later, held by the private-sector-supporting Medical Protection Society (MPS), which underwrites the bulk of private practice risk insurance in South Africa.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Clive Varejes of GALLO MANOR on 2017-01-04 13:26:05
I cannot agree more.
The doctors and their insurance companies are being raped by those unscrupulous attorney's who roam the hospitals in search of clients.
I think the term in the US is 'ambulance chasers'.
There are of course attorneys who do a fantastic job of protecting clients from malpractice, but they are being tainted by the immoral ones out for a ' quick buck'.
The concept of making those so called attorneys pay costs for both parties should see a drastic decrease in this atrocious behavior.

While we're on the point of malpractice, why is there not a company prepared to take on attorney's accused of malpractice, on contingency as well?
I am sure they will have no end of clients.


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