How to save South Africa

How to save South Africa

Moeletsi Mbeki says we need to take dramatic action to avoid social and political chaos. His new book postulates four possible outcomes. 

Moeletsi Mbeki, political analyst, thought-leader, entrepreneur and brother of the more famous Thabo, has made some powerful assertions: he says speculation that Jacob Zuma will fall from the presidency is “exaggerated” and he’ll serve his full term until 2019 because there’s no real will within the ANC to recall him; South Africa is experiencing a hidden civil war, as a result of endemic poverty that will eventually boil to the surface; and South Africa’s “Tunisia Day” when the masses take on those in power, will come in 2020 “when China concludes its minerals-intensive industrialisation phase,” forcing up the price of South African minerals… the prices will drop and the ANC will be forced to cut back on social grants, causing the masses to rise up against the powers that be.

Whatever the case, people should stop obsessing about the ANC, because it is “not the future of South Africa”.

In May, Mbeki found himself at the centre of a Twitter controversy after saying (at the Franschhoek Literary Festival) it was a myth that white people control the South African economy.

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