Destroyed by SARS

Destroyed by SARS

Taxman seized his business, sold all his assets and put Jacob Dozetas on trial for eight years, despite having no evidence.

Jacob Dozetas arrived in South Africa in 1981 after running a successful butchery and biltong factory in Zimbabwe. He set himself up in the jewellery wholesale trade, operating from his home in Gauteng. In 1986 he acquired his first jewellery shop in Johannesburg and later, two more in Pretoria, another in Durban, and one in Tyger Valley, Bellville, near Cape Town

The glamorous Kew Jewellers in Sandton Square, Johannesburg was Dozetas’s dream shop. But shortly after acquiring the premises, the former owner lodged a dispute that ended up in the High Court. After three separate cases – and huge costs – Dozetas emerged victorious.

Over the years, Dozetas’s business  expanded to other centres in South Africa. Clients arrived from all over the world to buy his diamonds and exotic jewellery. When Hicham Gamroni, a flamboyant Moroccan who spent his days rotating between Sandton’s fashionable restaurants and coffee shops, took to bringing in wealthy Middle Eastern clients – for a commission – business got even better.

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Submitted by : questing mind on 2016-06-26 18:32:22
Surely Mr Dozetas could find a legal "investor", similar to the kind that supported the "call me vs vodacom" case and take the state to the cleaners for this? The magistrate found malicious prosecution so I would think there is a strong case for this.
This sort of behaviour needs not only to be nipped in the bud but to be investigated to find out who was behind it. I guess it could all be pinned on Mr Selebi now that he is unable to answer for it...


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